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Q: What is the required for graduation with AS degree?
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When to take a degree in absentia. After graduation or after post graduation?

after post graduation.

What kind of degree does one need to specialize in vocational rehabilitation?

Most people have a bachelor's degree before pursuing a career in vocational rehabilitation. After graduation, specific classes and certifications are required.

Does come under post graduation?

No. is a bachelor's degree and it comes under graduation. actually speaking, it comes under "under-graduation". but after finishing the degree u'll be a graduate.

What is Minimum percentage in graduation in ignou bed?

No Bar Of percentage. But passed with a graduation degree

Why is economics a required course for graduation?

Depends on your degree. Prior to college, almost always none; but you might have to take a few Economics courses while in college.

What is the basic qualification for IAS?

Graduation degree

Is a postgraduate diploma equivalent to a bachelor's degree?

Hope so.since it has a Prefix Graduate i believe its Equal to a degree.

What is eligibility for post of in Engineering collage?

Fresh BE with minimum 6 arrears are enough

Is graduation an abstract noun?

The noun 'graduation', the marks on an object used for measuring, or a series of sizes of objects is a concretenoun.The noun 'graduation', the awarding or receiving a degree or diploma, or a ceremony for conferring an award or degree is an abstract noun.

When writing an ad do you put associate's degree required or Associate degree required?

Associate degree required.

Is company secretary course is graduation?

it is not a degree! but a professional coarse.

What to do after graduation?

You can enter the workforce or choose to go on for a higher degree.