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Q: What is the resale value of a 1921 Moller Pipe Organ that is intact and operative?
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What Operative procedures that improve blood supply to an organ?

three operative procedures that improve blood supply to an organ

The seminal vesicles are in what organ system?

The seminal vesicles are accessory organs within the intact male reproductive tract.

Does Judaism allow organ donations?

There has been a lot of debate amongst Jews on this topic. The majority decision is that saving lives through organ donation overrides the requirement for bodies to be buried intact. Therefore, yes, organ donation is allowed in Judaism.

What it the value of a Lowrey Millennium Organ?

I am planning to donate my 1999 mint condition Millennium LX 2000 organ to the retirement home in which I live. For tax purposes, I need an approximate value. I know that this organ retailed for around $60,000.00 and is worth practically nothing for resale. I am not selling it, but DONATING it. Can you help me? Thank you, Jeannie

What body system would a cardiovascular disease affect?

Quite simply, cardiovascular diseases can affect every organ/system in the body. The cardiovascular system delivers blood, which carries oxygen, to all parts of the body, which is needed to keep the organ/system intact.

What will happen if boys don't get circumcised?

Nothing aside from the boy having an intact sexual organ that will work better then a penis that is damaged by circumcision. Most of the worlds men are not circumcised.

The job that the organ does is the what of that organ?

The job that the organ does is the function of that organ

What is the difference between enucleation and evisceration and which one is better?

well the definitions areenvcleation= surgically remove (a tumor or gland, or the eyeball) intact from its surrounding capsule.evisceration= surgically remove the contents of (a body organ).so if you ask me their both not that good

Is a tissue organ a organ?

it is a organ lol

What organ systems carry out your life activities?

Organ or organ system

What is the brain an organ or an organ system?

The brain is an organ. It is part of the Nervous (organ) System.

What organ system does a grasshopper have?

organ of grasshopper have no organ!!

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