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To convince,an motivate ppl on things that is not on track

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Q: What is the responsibility of a supervisor in the hospitality industry to the community?
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What is th job responsibility of production supervisor?

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Who is a supervisor in a hospitality industry?

Supervisor is a person who takes care of both check in, check outs and also about the process of pre arrival and post departure

What are the characteristics of hospitality industry?

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What is an industry in hospitality?

You mean hospitality industry? Hotel, restaurants etc...

Hospitality industry industry and its components?

There are many components of the hospitality industry. Hotels, motels, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, country clubs and resorts are all components of the hospitality industry.

How will inflation affect hospitality industry in Nigeria?

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Relationship between the hospitality industry and other industries?

Industries rely on the hospitality industry to purchase their products. Many people learn hospitality skills in the hospitality industry and then take those skills into different industries.

What are the effects of diversity in the hospitality industry?

"what is the of the Hospitality Industry in Building Economic Diversity in Destination Areas"

When did the hospitality industry start?

The hospitality industry started back in the early 19th century. This is when tourism became popular and hospitality had to be introduced as well.

The impact of the receptionist conduct to the development of the hospitality industry?

the impact of the receptionist conduct to the development of hospitality industry

What is the role of ict in the hospitality industry?

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What part of speech is hospitality?

It is an abstract noun. It can also be and adjective, as in the hospitality industry.