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What is the result of royal rumble?

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Edge came back and won.

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Is the royal rumble this week?

royal rumble was yesterday.

Who will win Royal Rumble 2011?

ROYAL RUMBLE 2011Triple H will return and win the royal rumble.Alberto Del Rio won Royal Rumble 2011.

Will Umaga be in the 2009 Royal Rumble?

no he will not be in the 2009 Royal Rumble

When was Royal Rumble created?

Royal Rumble was created in 1988.

Which royal rumble did Goldberg win?

He has not won a royal rumble

Will batista be at the royal rumble in 08?

Yes, Batista is going to be in the Royal Rumble and he will be one of the final four in the Royal Rumble.

Who won the 1995 royal rumble?

Shawn Michaels won the 1995 royal rumble he also won the 1996 royal rumble

When is the royal rumble this year?

The Royal Rumble will be on January 31, 2010.

When is WWE having the royal rumble?

The Royal Rumble will be on January 31st.

Did maven win the royal rumble?

No, Maven never won the Royal Rumble.

Who won Royal Rumble 2010?

edge won the 2010 ROYAL RUMBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who won the royal rumble 2000?

The rock won the royal rumble in 2000

Will Jeff Hardy be in Royal Rumble?

he wiil be back in 2011 royal rumble

Who won the 2010 Royal Rumble?

The 2010 Royal Rumble winner was Edge.

Will edge return at the royal rumble?

Yes edge will be in the 2010 royal rumble

Who won the royal rumble 2013?

Cm punk won the royal rumble

When did WWF Royal Rumble happen?

WWF Royal Rumble happened in 1993.

Why john cena not in the royal rumble 2009?

Because he have match with JBL at Royal Rumble.

Who won the royal rumble 2002?

Triple H won the royal rumble 2002.

Did john cena won the royal rumble in 2010?

no the 2010 royal rumble is edge

Who will win the 2029 royal rumble?

will it is edge that is going to win the 2009 royal rumble

What are the Royal Rumble 2010 predictions?

edge will win. the royal rumble is when his return date is

What year did the undertaker win the royal rumble?

Undertaker won the Royal Rumble in 2007

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