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no one, that's there job they get what there job pays and no bonus.

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It was 25 million dollars. But now he's dead, so there is no reward that will be given out.

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i believe it was $25 million

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Q: What is the reward for Bin Ladens capture?
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What was the date of bin ladens death?

osama bin ladens date of death was may 1st of 2011.

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Osama Bin Ladens group is called 'Al-Qaeda' but it is pronoune al kida.

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What was the code that President Obama used to give the go ahead to raid bin Ladens compounds?

President Obama's code to authorize Bin Ladens raid was : "GERONIMO "

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Bin Laden's body has already been buried at sea.

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Ballistic trauma

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He was an anti-American who was Islamic

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Prolly not

How US catch binladin?

beacuse bin ladens secretly black

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