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yellow r-253 g-209 b-22 red r-216 g-30 b-5 not exact but close

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Q: What is the rgb color code for the shell logo?
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What is the RGB color code for the color of fingernails?

Fingernail colors are not expressed in RGB. Each color can be expressed in RGB, but RGB is used to define a color in computing, while paint uses other standards.

What is the rgb color code for rust?

The RGB color coordinates for rust are:R=183G=65B=14

What is the main color of the easyJet logo?

Orange. Hex: #FF6600 RGB: 255,102,0

What are the RGB colours for the BP logo?

What are the RGB colours for BP logo

What is the RGB colour code for white?

The RGB color coordinates for white are:R=255G=255B=255

Can RGB color value be negative?

No ,it is not negativeactually. RGB is short for R-Red G-Green B-Blue This is what TV's and computer monitors use in a similar process as CMYK. A web logo is RGB color profile and can be 72 dpi (since screen resolution is only this high). Should not be saved as vector art. So I think RGB colour is valuable.

What are the differences between YUV and RGB color?


How do you specify a color name using an RGB code?

You can not. Rgb is a light mixture mode, and only useful for display on a monitor or online. To specify a color name for printing you must use the Pantone color matching library or the cmyk mode which simulates full color printing.

What is about rgb color space in Adobe Photoshop?

Hi all, The RGB stands for the RED GREEN BLUE as the standard color code format in the photoshop.If u select this option then u can view the photo is the respctive color.Also u can increase the color contrast format.

Is a movie theater a rgb or cymk?

Movies use additive color, also known as RGB color. Colored light is projected onto a screen, so the end visual is reflective, but the color is additive RGB.

How many colors are in the RGB color wheel?

There are about 16.6 million colors in the RGB wheel.

What code is this c00ff0000?

0x00FF0000 is the RGB code for red.