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What is the right way to do the triangles on Pokemon Emerald?

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touch the side of the triangle that's closest to u without walking or running into it. and u also have to be kinda fast. it will get redder as ur doing that until deoxys appears.

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Is there a way you can trade from Pokemon Diamond to Pokemon Emerald?

there is no way sorry

On Pokemon Emerald how do you get to the On Pokemon Emerald how do you get to the fossil manics house?

when your in the cave where you get ditto (in fossil manics house) go in the cave after you beat the elite 4 then go all the way right

Which is better the Pokémon from emerald or the Pokémon from white?

Pokemon from white are WAY better than pokemon from emerald.

In Pokemon Emerald where is flygon?

There is no wild Flygon in Pokemon Emerald. The only way to get one is to evolve your Trapinch into a Vibaba and evolve that into a Flygon. Trapinch is in the desert in of Pokemon emerald.

How do you get a fake pokemon on pokemon emerald?

It is not possible to get fake Pokemon on Pokemon Emerald. The only way to get fake Pokemon in any Pokemon game is to play a hacked version.

How do you get magby on Pokemon Emerald?

Unfortunately, you cannot get Magby in Pokemon Emerald. The only way to get it is to trade it from Pokemon LeafGreen. Hope I helped :)

How can you get a houndoor in Pokemon LeafGreen?

The only way to get it is from Pokemon emerald or Pokemon colosseum.

Hoppip on Pokemon Emerald?

The only way to get Hoppip on Pokemon Emerald is to trade from Fire Red or Leaf Green.

Where can you find a Eevee in Pokemon Emerald?

There aren't any wild Eevees in Pokemon Emerald, so they only way you can get one is by trading one from Pokemon Firered or Leafgreen to Emerald.

How do you get clefairy in pokemon emerald?

There is no way to get a Clefairy.

Is there another way to get a starter Pokemon in emerald?


How to see swarming Pokemon in emerald?

there is no way to do that

What are the Pokemon in emerald?

you are way too vague.

How do you trade Pokemon Colosseum to Pokemon emerald?

cant (its a one way system, u can only trade one way) e.g emerald to colosseum

Is Pokemon Emerald compatible with Pokemon Ruby?

in my opinion emerald is way better than ruby. that is because there is battle frontier in emerald and in emerald we get a jotho starter pokemon from prof. birch after beating hoen dex!

Where can you get Eevee on Pokemon Emerald?

Sorry, but the only way to obtain Eevee in Pokemon emerald, is to trade from Pokemon Fire read, or Leaf green. ;)

Is Pokemon perla the same as Pokemon emerald?

Pokemon Pearl is in generation IV and is in the Sinnoh region. Emerald is in generation III and is in the Hoenn region. You can catch way more Pokemon in Pearl than Emerald.

Is there a way to get a Groudon in Pokemon FireRed?

Trade it from Pokemon Emerald or Ruby.

Is there a way to keep battle factory Pokemon in Pokemon emerald?

no way, except you use cheat

Is there another way you can get a skill tag on Pokemon Emerald instead on mirage island?

in Pokemon emerald is there another way to get the skill tag than on mirage island

How do you get the Aurora ticket in Pokemon Emerald to get Deoxys Give you every possible way?

How do you get the Aurora ticket in Pokemon Emerald to get Deoxys Give you every possible way?

Is it possible to trade Pokémon from Pokemon Crystal to Pokemon emerald?

No there is no way of transfering from Crystal to Emerald. Only RBY to GSC, and Emerald to all games beyond.

What quadirlateral is formed by 2 right scalene triangles?

If the triangles are congruent and you match the hypotenera the right way, you can get a rectangle. If the triangles are not congruent, you can't even necessarily get a quadrilateral.

Is Dratini in Pokemon Emerald?

No it is not, the only way to get it in emerald would be to trade with another version.

How do you get Pokemon Christal starters in Pokemon FireRed or emerald version?

Sorry, but the only way to get all the starters from Pokemon Crystal to Fire Red or to Pokemon Emerald is to get a gameshark and do it from there.