Thunderstorms and Lightning

What is the rock name for sand hit by lightning?

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Sand that has been melted by lightning is called fulgurite.

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It is possible that the sand may fuse together into larger conglomerations of sand, or rough glass.

The water and the sediments within the water "collide" with the shore(sand, rock etc.) and the water eats away at the (sand, rock etc.) and the sediments hit the (sand, rock etc.) and basically the (sand, rock etc.) breaks into the water, then gets broken down.

lightning originates from electric particles in the sky that cicrulate around in the thunder cloud, then hit the ground. sometimes, lighting can create a 'statue' in the sand on beaches in the sand because it melts the sand together. Lighting can originate from the ground to a cloud, from a cloud to the ground or cloud to cloud.

Yes planes are frequently hit by lightning.

Sand dunes because, the wind blows sand and some sand hit large rocks, and they fall behind the large rocks, and the large rocks get covered in sand, but soon another large rock will do the same.

No. There is cloud to cloud lightning.

Never stand under a tree, it can get hit by lightning, and you can get hit too!

There's a big chance you could get struck by lightning. Or hit by a tree that is hit by lightning.

after 1000's of years of contastanly being hit by waves, the rocks slowly break down, and sand is the result. if you get a really powerful blender and put rocks in it and leave it for a while, it will break down into sand

maybe. many people survive lightning strikes.

It is when to lightning thingys are the same and hit the ground at the same time.

No. Not every lightning bolt makes it to Earth.

because lightning attracts to wood

A lighting rod is supposed to attract lightning so it doesnt hit something else. eg. It's raining and you have a lightning rod on the top of your hous. Lightning will hit the rod instead of hitting the house.

Yes. Astraphobia, or the fear of thunder and lightning could be the result of being hit, if you survive the hit tho.

The lightning rod prevents ships and buildings from being hit by lightning.

Lightning does not hit something every time it strikes. There are various forms of lightning. Lightning that is classified as "cloud to ground" lightning will strike something in it's path. Another form of lightning is sheet lightning. This type of lighting illuminates the sky and spreads from cloud to cloud.

Being struck by lightning is unlike a physical blow. there is no 'hardness' to it.

Anything and everything. Some people get hit by lighting.

Yes. Vehicles have been hit by lighting.

The largest lightning Storm on earth is the one in Martinez, CA it hit 10.93 lightning bolt's.

The byproducts are: - thunder - ash (trees hit) - fulgurites (strands of sand glass) - ozone - Buckminsterfullerenes : minute quantities of the fullerenes, in the form of C60, C70, C76, C82 and C84 molecules, are produced in nature, hidden in soot and formed by lightning discharges in the atmosphere

You could get hit by lightning or the tree can fall on you from winds or hit by lightning and catch fire.

The lightning tries to hit you but the building block it, you are safe.

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