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"b -mercaptoethanol is used to help to destroy RNases that may be present and will degrade the RNA. b -mercaptoethanol is a reducing agent that will reduce the disulfide bonds of the RNases, thereby destroying the conformation and the functionality of the enzyme". It comes from

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Q: What is the role of 2- mercapto ethanol in RNA extraction?
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Why is 70 percent ethanol used in rna extraction?

The density of 70% ethanol allows RNA settlement or say sedimentation in the vial.

Why 75 percent ethanol is used in rna extraction?

to precipitate protein.

What is the Role of chloroform in RNA extraction?

chloroform is used to denature protein and settle it in the bottom during rna extraction ,also it helps to form organic and inorganic layers in which rna is dissolved in inorganic layer.

What is the function of ethanol in RNA extraction?

This wash step allows you to centrifuge the sample and collect a "clean" RNA pellet, after discarding the supernatant that contained contaminating salts and proteins. When isolating and purifying RNA, 75% ethanol is used as a wash solution because RNA is a precipitate (solid) in this percentage of ethanol, while most proteins and salts remain in solution (are soluble). At a lower % ethanol, both the RNA and the proteins would be soluble, so you would not be able to separate them. At a higher % ethanol, both the RNA and salts would remain in the pellet, so you would not be able to separate the salts from your RNA. Prior to the wash step, you probably added 100% ethanol to your sample, so the final total concentration of ethanol was 75%. This step is where the RNA precipitates out of solution. You would then centrifuge the sample and discard the supernatant, as above. In the wash step, you are merely using the same solution (75% ethanol) to wash the RNA pellet you created in the previous step.

What is the purpose of RNA extraction?

RNAse destroys the RNA and hence RNAse contamination is a problem in RNA extraction as it breaks down RNA. RNAse enzyme is removed by using RNAse inhibitor or precautions like wearing of gloves, autoclaving tips , using RNAse free water/DEPC treated water is done while performing RTPCR

Role of te in dna extraction?

TE stands for Tris and EDTA. The Tris buffers the water to prevent acid hydrolysis of the DNA/RNA. The EDTA chelates divalent cations that can assist in the degradation of RNA.

What molecules are present in cells that might interfere with DNA extraction?

Proteins, RNA, lipids

What is the function of CL buffer in DNA extraction?

In a DNA extraction, the purpose of a buffer is to solubilize DNA as well as RNA. Because of this, it prevents the DNA for degrading.

What is the need of adjusting pH to 7 in RNA extraction?

I do my RNA extractions at pH 5.0. I think it depends on the method that you use. You will have to say what method that you use to do your RNA extractions.

What is the reason for getting multiple banding pattern in total RNA extraction?

You want bands. The bands are ribosmal RNA of various sizes. Bands are good this shows that you did a good job of extracting RNA.

What is the role of formaldehyde and formamide in RNA gel electrophoresis?

Denatures the RNA

What is the role of DNA and RNA as it relates to Nucleotides?

DNA and RNA are composed of nucleotides.