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Q: What is the role of Isopropanol in SDS PAGE?
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What is role of glycine in SDS-PAGE?

Glycine increases the mobility of the gel.

Role of Tris in sds page?

tris acting as a buffer to control the pH of the solution--abu

Why is denaturing sds-page used for running sds-page electrophoresis of egg-white lysozyme and not non-denaturing page?

may be because of toomany disulfide linkages

What is the function of glycine in sds page?

glycine molecular weight high so mobility also high so using in SDS PAGE

Why p53 is run as 53 kda on sds page?

Due to many proline residues it migrates slower on sds page and appears heavier than it is.

What are the drawbacks of sds page?

The major drawback is that treatment with SDS denatures the protein, meaning you are not looking at it in its natural state.

What is Laemmli gels?

It is the gel of choice for SDS PAGE

Role of ammonium persulphate in SDS-PAGE?

Polymerization of acrylamide and bisacrylamide monomers is induced by ammonium persulfate (APS), which spontaneously decomposes to form free radicals

What the role of sds in buffer?

to disrupt cell membranes

Who discovered SDS PAGE electrophoresis?

Laemmli U. K.

What test has replaced the radial immunodiffusion test?

SDS-PAGE method

What is the approach behind the SDS-PAGE?

SDS is a detergent that will break up any secondary structure of your DNA. Furthermore it has a strong negative charge, which will make the charge of your analyte negligliby low. The long the charge does not play a role in gelelectrophoresis, the analyte will be separate only by its lenght. PAGE is just a high quality gel, which will make differences in lenght visible for a single base.