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A Forensic Dactyloscopy is the science that deals with the comparison, Identification, and classification of fingerprints.

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Q: What is the role of a forensic dactyloscopy?
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Who is the father ofr dactyloscopy?

johannes purkinje

Who was the father of Dactyloscopy?

Marcelo Malpighi

What role does a detective serve in forensic science?

Possibly forensic accounting, where research and interpretation of evidence is important

Where can one study fingerprint identification?

You can study fingerprint identification in forensic science programs offered by universities or colleges. These programs typically cover topics such as fingerprint analysis, recognition, and classification. Additionally, there are specialized training courses and workshops available for law enforcement professionals and forensic experts.

What careers are in forensics?

Some careers in forensics include forensic scientist, forensic pathologist, crime scene investigator, forensic psychologist, forensic accountant, and forensic anthropologist. Each of these professions plays a crucial role in analyzing evidence and aiding in criminal investigations.

Study of finger prints?

Dactyloscopy or Dactylography is the examination of finger prints.

What is dactyloscopy?

A method of studying fingerprints to establish identification.(finger prints)

Dactyloscopy refers to the procedure of using which characteristic as a means of identification?

fingerprint identification

How has forensic science helped fight crime?

Forensic science is a science of miracles. You can not imagine, to tackle the crime effectively, without the help from forensic experts. This very big topic can not be covered in a single page. You name the crime and forensic experts have their role to play in the same. Forensic experts are treated as expert witnesses in the court of law. There are unending stories of the roles of forensic experts, in crimes.

Is physics necessary to forensic science?

yes, physics plays a very significant role in forensics

How are forensic ontology and forensic anthropology alike?

Forensic ontology and forensic anthropology are two subfields within the broader discipline of forensics. They both play a role in crime scene investigation and the identification of human remains. However, forensic ontology focuses on the analysis of digital data and evidence, such as computer files or online activity, while forensic anthropology deals with the study of skeletal remains in order to determine identity, cause of death, or other relevant information.

What type of chemistry is forensic toxicology?

Forensic toxicology is part of the field of chemistry. It is most used to determine the role of drugs in illness, death or poisoning as it tests for toxic subjects within the body.