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According to Acero et. al. (2000) Principles and Strategies of Teaching. Rex Bookstore pp.13-14, the functions of school administration are:

1. Seeing that all school money is economically expanded and accounted for;

2. preparing the school budget;

3. selecting and purchasing school sites;

4. planning, erecting, and equipping tyhe school buildings;

5. operating the school plant and keeping it an excellent state of repair;

6. providing supplies;

7. providing textbooks;

8. assisting in curriculum instruction;

9. organizing an instructional program;

10. keeping the public informed of the aims, accomplishments, amd needs of the schools; and

11. keeping school records and accounts

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school administration is looking after the complete affairs related to school . In fact it is the managerial skill for smooth functioning and execution.

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their in charge of money finances and checking up on the school which is annoying

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To keep us safe by annoying us & sticking their noses in other peoples business.

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Q: What is the role of an school administrator?
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