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The role of the CD4 receptors in HIV is so that the virus fuses with the T helper cells.

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Q: What is the role of cd4 receptors in HIV?
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What is the role of CD4 receptores in HIV infections?

CD4+ it is the recepetor that HIv recognize to attach with the host cell.Its the entry site of HIV in the cell.

What cells does HIV kill to weaken the immune system?

A white blood cell (which has got CD4 receptors)

What does HIV target the production of?

helper T cells

How is HIV different from other virus pathogens?

HIV is a retro virus, that infects your immune cells. The virus attaches to CD4 receptors on T-cell (the cells that are part of the immune system.)

What is the best prescribed nedicatin for an HIV positive person with 512 cd4 count?

Person with 512 cd4 count he or she HIV positive

Which cells types can be infected by HIV?


Why only cd4 ceels are damaged in hiv n cd8 remain safe?

coz CD8 and CD4 are two diffrent types of proteins .. n HIV requires cd4 to fuse for replicatin

The portion of HIV that binds to the T-cell helper?


What cell of the immune system does the HIV infect destroy?


How do you increase your immune systems CD4 counts?

An abnormally low number of CD4+ T cells is a symptom of AIDS, the disease caused by HIV. Because HIV infects and kills CD4+ T cells, a person infected with HIV must use anti-viral treatments to suppress the virus and allow his CD4+ T cell population to renew.

What cells are primarily affected in HIV?

the CD4(T-cell)lymphocytes is affected by HIV and aids

Your sister was diagnosed with HIV and pcp she a a low cd4 count?

An abnormally low number of CD4+ T lymphocytes is an indication of AIDS, the disease caused by HIV. Without enough CD4+ T cells, you are much more vulnerable to infection.

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