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What is the role of computers in education?

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  • When people grow up they often use computers in their jobs. If you want to get a good job it is useful to know about computers.
  • Programs like Mathletics are used by pupils to help them with maths. They can play a maths challenge with other children all over the world.
  • They can research things for homework, for example, famous people, chemicals and more.
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What is the history of computers in education?

The history of computers in education dates back to the 1970's when computers were initially introduced to the public. Computer education has now become a mainstay of technological training and many students are learning about computer programming and computer networking because of the advent of computers in education.

Computer used in education?

Using computers in Education increases the accessibility of information and knowledge. Computers have also limited paperwork in the administration section of education.

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Benefits of computer in education?

There are some benefits to computers in education. Computers can connect students with students and teachers worldwide. Computers can also aid in the collaboration process of sharing documents and ideas.

What ways can computer be used in education?

There are various ways that computers can be used in education. There are educational programs that can be installed on computers that will act as tutors for learners.

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Role of philosophy in education?

Philosophy has a fundamental role in education. Philosophy deals with the nature of knowledge and how we go about obtaining it so it is key to education.

What is the role of education on personality development?

there is no role :p

What is the role of internet in education?

learning education at online which means distance education.

How do computers help in education?

Computers assist in education by providing a wide range of resources, and by tailoring instruction to the individual student, which can seldom be done in the normal classroom.

What is the advantage of computer in education?

One advantage to having an education in computers is the availability of work. You will be able to find a job regardless of where you live when you have a good understanding of computers.

How are computers being used in education?

Computers play a huge part in the advancement of education. Students and teachers look up information to learn on the computer for example.