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sanitary inspector means sanitation. sanitary inspector worked different catagaries for exapmle, aids, tasng, khanaq, oround the villege sanitation, health care, health education, control malarea, water filtration, sanitary inspector control the sanitation around the uc.

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Q: What is the role of sanitary inspector?
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What is the role of sanitary inspector in hospital?

Role of sanitary inspector

Health sanitary inspector course is here?


Role of police inspector in disaster management?

Police inspector supplies food,medicine etc. Police inspector and his team take the injured people to the hospital.

Why are sanitary landfill important?

A place to deposit refuse has been an important advancement in the eradication of some diseases. A sanitary landfill fills a very important role in urban society.

What is the role of the home inspector?

2 check yr house

How do I know catering services are sanitary?

Each catering service is actually required by law to be inspected each month by the health inspector. These inspections are what make sure they are clean. To help further ensure this you can do an inspection of their cooking places. This is the best way to ensure they are sanitary.

What is the realistic role pf the inspector in Inspector calls?

To make the family accept social responsibility. He is also the voice of Priestley expressing his socialist views.

What is responsibilities of sanitary inspector?

well, picking up trash,mopping the floors,and any gum,candy,etc.,and sometimes depending puke oh and the bathrooms

Work of a sanitary?

Work of a sanitary

What Clint eastwood movie role was first offered to john Wayne paul newman and frank Sinatra?

The role of Inspector "Dirty" Harry Callahan.

What is the role of OSHA inspectors?

The role of the OSHA inspector is to inspect the workplace for compliance with OSHA regulations, issue citations where necessary, and offer guidance where appropriate.

How do you spell sanitary?

sanitary is the correct spelling.