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The main function of system software is to communicate with hardware

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Q: What is the role of system software?
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Discuss the role of computer software with special reference to operating system?

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Describe the operating system role in running software program?


Explain how System software plays a vital role in managing the overall resources of the computer system?


What is the role of operating system and utility software as a component of system software?

Operating system and utility software help the user communicate with computer hardware. They achieve this by providing a user interface and interpreting user instructions for the hardware.

What is the role of operating software and utility software and components of system software?

System Software is basically an Operating system (or software). Operating System helps users to operate and access the applications loaded on the machine. Further, Operating system provides a platform for applications (i.e. utility software) on the machine.The OS cannot hold all utilities altogether. For example, Windows XP is an OS and Calculator integrated into it is a utility software.

What is the role of an opareting system on a computer?

Used to inface the user with software,applications and hardware resources.

Is vista system software or application software?

Widows is System Software. System software is used to run applications on the computer, like paint and Internet Explorer.

Should there be a separate profession of software architect whose role is to work independently with a customer to design the software system architecture?

Yes, I think there already is actually. IT Architect or Software Architect is already a role - they're involved in the decision and design process for new software systems, and include analysis on software, hardware and other technologies that are needed.

Difference between system software and software system?

there is no such thing is a software system and system software is operational program

What is the system software?

The system software is the operating system.

Is compiler a system software or application software?

It is a system software.

Define the role of C programming in the development of software?

All operating system are made using c-based language.