What is the root of nihil?

Updated: 10/10/2023
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Nihil = 'Nothing' as a noun; 'not at all' as an abverb

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The word nihil comes from the latin word which means "nothing". This is why today in English we say "nil" to mean nothing.

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Q: What is the root of nihil?
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What is the Latin root word for nothing?

"Nothing" is nihil in Latin, or nil for short.

What is an example of anaphora in latin?

Nihil agis, nihil moliris, nihil cogitas. The anaphora is in the successive repetition of 'nihil.'

What is the Latin root for the word annihilate?

The Latin root for the word "annihilate" is "ad" meaning "completely" and "nihil" meaning "nothing." So, "annihilate" essentially means to reduce something to nothing.

When was Infinitum Nihil created?

Infinitum Nihil was created in 2004.

What is the right translation of fear nothing in latin nihil timeo or nihil timendum est?

nihil timendum est = fear nothing nihil timeo = I fear nothing

How would you say The shadow of nothing in latin?

Umbra Nihil (or umbra de nihil).

What is the Latin word for nothing?

nusquam, nihilum, nihil are the three conjugations of the latin word for nothing. I also added a link to a translation website in case you have further questions. Nihilum and nihil are good words for 'nothing', as is 'nil'. 'Nusquam', however, is an adverb meaning 'nowhere'. Do not trust any on-line translation site for Latin. They are all notoriously inaccurate. The latin for "nothing" is nihil, which is the root of the English word nil.

What does the prefix nihil means?

whats the prefix nihil mean?

What is 'nihil alienum' in English?

Nothing foreign is the English equivalent of 'nihil alienum'. In the word by word translation, the neuter gender noun 'nihil' means 'nothing'. The neuter gender adjective 'alienum' means 'foreign, strange'.

No fear in latin?

Nihil timoris.

What is the latin word for zero?


What meant nothing to Nero?