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Mercury rotates very slowly at a rate of one rotation every 58.65 days. Mercury revolves around the sun once every 88 days.

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How is the revolution and rotation of mercury the same as earths?

The rotation and revolution of Mercury is not the same as the Earth.

What is the rotation of mercury and what is the revolution of mercury?

Rotation - 59 days Revolution - 88 days Woot Swagg _

What is the revolution and rotation of mercury?

The revolution of Mercury is 88 days, and its rotaion is about 58.6 days.

What is the period of rotation around sun for mercury?

The period of rotation for Mercury around the Sunis 88 Earthdays. Actually, astronomers call this the "period of revolution".

Which planet takes same number of days in rotation and revolution?


Compare the period of revolution between mercury and plutowhat is the ratio between their period of rotation and why?

IT IS not The same Period of rotation Because tthe mercury have rotation g9 days and the pluto have a rotation 6.4 days so it is not the same BY:JULLIA TUTANES :P

Mercury period of Rotation?

mercury is the first planet closest to the sun which makes it the hottest. its period of revolution is 88 days.

How fast does Mercury rotate and revolve?

Rotation: 58.6 days, revolution: 88.0 days.

How long does it take mercury to complete one revolution?

Mercury completes one revolution in about 88 Earth days. This is due to its slow rotation. Mercury is a terrestrial planet that is the nearest to the sun. A day on Mercury is about 58.5 Earth days.

Which planet is hotter than Mercury has a longer period of rotation than revolution and has an atmosphere of about 97 percent carbon dioxide?


Does mercury have a prograde or retrograde motion?

Prograde. In our solar system, prograde is counterclockwise rotation or revolution. Retrograde is clockwise rotation or revolution.Clockwise and counterclockwise are "as viewed from above the Earth's north pole".All solar system planets have a prograde rotation except Venus and Uranus which have retrograde rotation.All the planets have prograde orbital motion (revolution) around the Sun.So, Mercury has prograde motion in both cases.

How long does mercury take to make a revolution?

It takes Mercury 1407.6 Earth hours to make one full rotation around its axis.

How long does mercury take to rotate once around the sun once?

The movement around the Sun is called "revolution", not "rotation". It takes Mercury 88 days for one revolution - almost three months.

Time for 1 revolution of mercury?

Rotation on its axis takes about 58.6 Earth days and revolution around the Sun takes about 88 Earth days.

Is earth the fastest revolving planet?

Mercury is the fastest revolving planet. The speed of a particular planet depends on its revolution around the sun as well as its rotation on its own axis. The fastest planet of the solar system with reference to revolution is Mercury. On the other hand, the fastest planet with reference to rotation is Jupiter.

What kind of rotation does Mercury have?

Mercury has a oval rotation because of the suns gravity

What are examples of rotation and revolution?

rotation-planets on axis revolution-planets in orbit

What is the rotation and revolution of a planet?

rotation of a planet; rotation is movement of the planets around its own axis revolution of planet; revolution is movement of the planets around the sun

What is the Revolution and Rotation speed of Neptune?

Rotation:17.24 hours Revolution:165 years

What is revolution and rotation?

rotation is how an object spins on its axis and revolution is when it goes around an object

Which planet takes more time to complete one rotation on its axis that to complete one revolution around the sun?

The rotation of Mercury is equal to 1.5x the time it takes to make one full orbit around the sun. As a result, one day on Mercury is twice as long as one year on Mercury.

How is revolution and rotation of planets the same?

revolution-is the revolving of an object around another object. rotation-is the spinning of an object on its axis. revolution and rotation are two different concepts but, are alike in some way. Rotation- Dominic

What units of time are based on a single rotation or revolution of the earth?

Rotation . . . . . the "Day" Revolution . . . . the "Year"

How long is one revolution and rotation of the earth?

A revolution is one year; a rotation is one day.

Compare period of rotation with period of revolution?

Earth:Rotation = nearly 24 hoursRevolution = about 365.24 daysMoon: Rotation and Revolution are equal. Both = 27.32 days

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