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What is the safest pain reliever to take when you are drinking alcohol?

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None, as it is dangerous to mix any form of medication, be it prescriptive or non-prescritive , with alcohol. If you must take a pain reliever, however, the safest choice would be a low dose (one pill) of Aleve, as it has less of a detrimental effect on the liver and kidneys than Tylenol and the other NSAIDs.

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What is safest pain reliever?

some thing funny a good laghfe makes me feel beter you sould try to

What pain reliever can I take with voltaren?

What pain reliever can I take with Noltaten

What pain reliever can a pregnant woman take safely?

Tylenol or acetaminophen is the safest pain releiver for pregnant women and children. Although NSAIDS like ibuprofen are relatively safe Tylenol is considered the safest. The worst pain reliever to be used is aspirin because it is a blood thinner and if a child is taking it while exposed to a virus like the chicken pox then they can get Reyes syndrome and that isn't good.

What is the safest pain reliever to take when you have high blood pressure?

Acetaminophen or an opioid pain medication. NSAIDS (ibuprofen, naproxen, etc) may cause increases blood pressure.

Can you combine acetaminophen with alcohol?

Yes, I wouldn't in large quantities though. Acetaminophen is just a pain reliever.

When can you drink alcohol after taking Advil?

It is not recommended that any pain reliever is taken with alcohol. However, if you just had a couple of drinks, it is okay to take Advil.

Is vicodin a UTI pain reliever?

it is a general pain reliever. it will work on UTI but it is not limited to that disorder

Is Cortal an effective pain reliever?

Yes it is, Cortal contains aspirin which is an effective pain reliever.

How does pain reliever know where the pain is in the body?

I like this question because it forces the pain reliever makers to state a reality. Any pain reliever can relieve most pain. Only the strength of the pain reliever should matter to the patient. Pain reliever companies make all these different kinds of relievers for different kinds of pain, when in fact, the pain receptors in the human body react to all of them. To explain: when you take a pain reliever, it deadens the pain to almost all your pain receptors all over your body- not to just your head or your finger or your toe. So, to take a pain reliever for a back ache is just as good to take for a head ache because this reliever will work on all pain receptors in your body. There may be some exceptions but as a rule for over the counter pain relievers this is true. Pain relievers do not know where the pain is, they just deaden the pain throughout the body to include what place is hurting.

What is the best pain reliever for head pain?


What do you do for inner thigh pain?

take a pain reliever

What is the medical term meaning pain reliever?

analgesic or painkillerAnother term for pain reliever is analgesicAnalgesicAnalgesic

Is pyridium like Vicodin?

Pyridium is a non-narcotic pain reliever used exclusively for urinary pain. Vicodin is a narcotic pain reliever. They have little in common.

What is Oxa Forte?

Pain reliever

What is naxopren is it pain reliever?


What is a drug that relieves pain and dulls the senses?

Pain reliever

Can marijuana help with vasectomy pain?

Yes, it is a pain reliever.

Is neosporin okay to put on a chickens wound?

As long as if it's the neosporin WITHOUT pain reliever. The pain reliever is toxic to chickens.

Why does drinking alcohol cause stomach pain the next day?

Because the acid in the alcohol wears away your stomachs lining.

How many different uses does alcohol have?

Drinking Disinfectant Pain relief Cultural ceremonies

How do you get rid of a tooth ache when no pain reliever will work?

Visit your dentist. If no pain reliever will work, then it's not just a minor discomfort that will pass.

Can rosemary be smoked for a pain reliever?

no it will just give you a sore throat try kratom it is a great pain reliever it is made into a tea and drank

Does Ibuprofen reduce pain?

Ibuprofen is a pain reliever/ fever reducer.

What is the most potent pain reliever?


What does analgestic mean?

An "analgesic" is a pain reliever.