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Q: What is the salary for a mud logger in the oil field?
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What is the salary for a mud engineer in the oil field?

The starting salary would be around 48,000 dollars plus any bonuses, that is if you get hired by one of the largest four companies.

What is the average salary of a welding engineer in the oil-gas field?

its about 58000 a yr...

Are there any careers in mud testing in the oil field?

Drilling mud is like blood of the drilling well without their ciculation drillling isn't possible, then u can imagin how much important its?

Which are the objectives of the drilling mud?

Oil base mud

Why did BP's 'top kill' effort fail to plug the Gulf oil well with mud?

The pressure of the oil was grader then the weight of the mud.

In Oil based Mud test What is Electricity Stability for?

Electric stability of oil-based mud is a measurement of the ability of an oil-based mud to resist the flow of electrical current. It helps in understanding the stability of the mud in terms of emulsion stability and water content. This property is important in ensuring the overall stability and performance of the drilling fluid.

Is low tox drilling mud oil or water based?

Low tox drilling mud is water based.

Did any oil wells ever run dry?

All drilling oil wells run with fluids, some with oil base mud, some water base mud depending on different condition. To save cost on recycling drilling mud, operator will need solids control system.

There is mud in the oil refill in PT Cruiser?

Sounds like it was run too long with out an oil change.

Which oil field is asab from onshore or offshore?

Assab is an onshore oil field

When was Blane oil field created?

Blane oil field was created in 1989.

When was Statfjord oil field created?

Statfjord oil field was created in 1979.