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$400, 000 annually.

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Q: What is the salary of a sitting President?
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What is the sitting president's salary?


Does the president's salary ever change while in office?

Only if the salary change was authorized by a previous congress and president in a previous term. Changes to the president's salary can not take place until after the sitting president has left office.

What is the current salary of the president and vice president of the US?

The salary of the president is $400,000 a year. The salary of the vice president is $221,100 a year.

Can the president raise salary?

No. The president does not set anybody's salary. Congress does that.

What is the salary of the French president?

The President's annual salary in France is $346,000.

What is the presidents salarys?

the president salary is 400,000

What cannot be done to the salary of the president?

The salary of the president can not be cut for the current term.

What was the salary of President Warren Harding?

$75,000 was Harding's annual salary as president.

How much does the president get paid in salary a year?

The president gets about $400,000 for a salary

How much is the salary of the president and vice president of the Philippines as of 2008?

60,000 a monthly salary of the President in the Philippines,

Where does the president of India gets the salary from?

the president of india gets salary from the government man

What was the president's salary in 1849?

$25,000 was the annual salary of the President from 1789 until 1873.