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Counties in Florida impose additional rates on top of the state rate (6% at the time of this post). See 'Sources and related links' below to find the rate in a specific city/county.

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Q: What is the sales tax in in Florida?
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Do you pay sales tax on a car from a private seller in Florida?

You will pay sales tax where you register the vehicle. Last time I checked Florida has sales tax...

What is the Florida state sales tax?

How do I get a florida retail sales chart

Sales and use tax in st johns county in Florida?

The sales and use tax in Saint Johns County in Florida is currently 6 percent. This is the same sales tax that the whole state of Florida charges.


The sales tax in Broward County is 6%, which is below the Florida average of 7%.

What is the maximum sales tax rate charged in Florida?

The highest sales tax rates in Florida are in Madison and Escambia counties at 7.50%.

What is the auto sales tax rate in Florida?

What is the tax rate for Miami Dade Florida

Does Florida have a sales tax?


Car sales tax rate in Florida?

6% plus the county sales tax rate

Does Florida require a sales tax on service charges?

Florida charges sales tax on a very few services, however, if tangible personal property is given to the client in the performance of services, then the whole service can be subject to sales tax. It is a tricky area of Florida sales tax law. Below is a link to a detailed article that spells out what services are subject to sales tax and how to what out for the "might be taxable" scenarios.

Do you have to pay Florida sales tax if you are a resident of another state purchasing a used car in Florida?

The answer is - it depends, but the answer is somewhat complicated. If you have the car shipped directly from the dealer to your home state, then no Florida sales tax applies. Let's presume you are driving the car off the lot yourself. Florida will charge you sales tax on this purchase, but if the right paperwork is filled out (Form DR-123), then the sales tax rate will only be as high your home state sale tax rate (with a ceiling of the Florida sales tax rate). So if you live in a state with a 3% sales tax, the Florida dealer should only charge you a 3% sales tax if you sign the right forms. Any sales tax you pay in Florida can be credited to the taxes that are due when you get your tag in your home state. Worthy of note, if your state has a zero sales tax rate on cars (such as Montana or Georgia), then the dealer does not have to charge you Florida sales tax. I'm a Florida CPA & Attorney that does almost nothing but Florida sales and use tax controversy. I hope this answer helps. James Sutton, CPA, Esq. WWW FLORIDASALESTAX COM

What is the Clearwater FL sales tax?

The Clearwater, Florida, sales tax rate is 7.00%.

What is the Florida sales tax on liquor?

The sales tax on liquor in Florida is $6.50 per gallon liquor. In the United States of America each state has a different tax on alcohol or cigarettes.

Florida sales tax?

The sales tax rate in Florida is currently 6 percent. Each city or county can impose an extra tax fee so it will vary in some places.

What states have no income or sales tax?

well Florida has no income tax

Are cookies subject to Florida sales tax?


Do you pay sales tax in Florida?


Is there a sales tax on clothes in Florida?


What is the Florida sales tax rate?


What is the amount of sales tax collected in Hollywood Florida?

The sales tax in Hollywood, FL was 6.00% at the time of this post.

What is the sales tax on carpet in Florida?

Sales tax in Florida is 6% for the State. Other taxes by the locality can make the total go up to as high as 7.5% total.

How much does Florida charge for their business sales tax?

Business sales tax is a standard rate around the state of Florida. The current ongoing rate is set at 6%

When do tax certificates get sold in Florida for unpaid tax assessments?

They usually conduct the tax sales in Florida counties prior to June 1st

Is there sales tax on sugar packets in Florida?

no all food products have no tax

Do you have to pay sales tax in Florida on a car?


What is sales tax in winter haven Florida?