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The salt and ice challenge is where you put salt on your hand or any other body part. Then, put ice on it and wait a few seconds for a burning sensation and a red mark. It is called a challenge because people often try it as a group. Whoever leaves the ice on the salt longest wins the challenge.

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The "salt and ice" challenge is where you put salt on a body part and put ice on top and apply pressure for a certain amount of time. This causes a burning sensation. It is an extremely dangerous challenge to attempt due to the ice (Which quickly melts into water) now having a much lower freezing point, which is called a saline solution. This challenge CAN cause 2nd degree cold burns (Also known as chilblains), which is a superficial freezing of the skin, without penetrating into the epidermis, which generally results in blistering. It can, if held for long enough, cause frostbite (3rd degree cold burn), which is complete tissue destruction; Everything from the skin to the nerves are frozen and destroyed.

According to the game, the winner is whoever can hold the ice long enough. However in reality, the person who opts to not attempt this challenge is the true winner and the one without a possible hospital bill and missing limbs.

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How do you do the salt and ice challenge?

You take a ice cube and some salt. First pour some salt on your arm and then put the ice cube on top and let it sit there for about 45 seconds. You will feel the burn.

What are some challenges?

Salt and Ice challenge- put a pile of salt on your wrist then put an ice cube on it. Coke and Mento challenge- put a mento in your mouth then drink coke Salt and Vinegar challenge- put salt on your tongue and then put vinegar on it the Cinnamon challenge- try to eat a spoonful of cinnamon The chubby bunny challenge- try to put as many marshmallows in your mouth whule saying chubby bunny I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE OF THE TURNOUTS OF THESE CHALLENGES!

What happen to Shanna in the salt and ice challenge?

Shane dawson tweeted "Filmed a salt and ice challenge vid today with shanna. She now has 3rd degree burns on her breasts. I'd call today an unsuccessful day."

Is the salt and ice challenge bad for you?

yes the salt and ice challenge is bad for you because the salt makes the ice even colder and applying onto your skin freezes the skin very much like frostbite. You may end up with a nasty bruise and broken skin which can become infected if not treated properly.

How long do this salt and ice challenge effects last for?

until you can no longer stand the pain

What does salt and ice do to your hand?

Together, they cause a chemical reaction and can severely burn your skin. If you are thinking of taking the salt & ice challenge, DON'T DO IT!! The Burns can rip your skin right off. Try going on google and searching 'salt and ice challenge burns' I'm sure you won't want to do it after reading about the poor people who did this and had to go to the ER. Not a fun way to spend the evening.

How can snails die from salt?

well....have you heard of the salt and ice challenge! the chemicals in rock salt react with the chemicals in the snails body. the whole carcus fizzis up and melts

What happens to you when the skin comes off after the salt and ice challenge?

your skin will come off and it depends on how much salt u put on ur arm

What are the effects on the skin of the ice and salt challenge?

SO the effects of the Salt and Ice challenge are, after like 10 seconds it starts to get tingly and after a minute your skin wil literally freeze like u can no longer feel your skin. ANother is severe pain to where u just cant stand it and u just have to start.

Why do you put salt in the ice of homemade ice cream?

You put salt in the ice so that it can harden the ice to churn the ice cream. The salt used in home made ice cream is called ROCK SALT or SEA SALT.

Why is there salt in homemade ice cream?

there is salt in homeade ice cream because if u use ice, the salt has to melt the ice to make the ice cream. :-)

How does salt efeat ice?

it affects ice by the dryness of the salt berns the ice

Why don't you mix salt with ice cream?

Salt melts ice so salt will melt ice cream.

What is in salt that melts ice?

It is the salt itself that melts ice.

Is salt the same as ice melt?

no, but ice melt is a salt

What lasts longer Normal ice or salt ice?

Salt ice lasts longer than normal ice. This is because salt ice is much colder than normal ice. To keep things cool longer, using salt ice is better.

Why you put salt on ice?

using salt with ice bcoz ice doesn't melts

Which will melt first an ice cube or an ice cube with salt on it and why?

Ice cube with salt. The salt disrupts the lattice formation in the ice, lowering the melting temperature. As the salt melts ice, the surface area exposed to the salt increases, further perpetuationg the reaction.

Will ice melt faster with sugar salt or the ice itself?

With salt because of the chemical salt has to make ice melt faster.

Why does salt melt in ice?

Salt doesn't melt in ice. Salt lowers the freezing point of water. Which causes the ice to melt.

What happens to the melting point of ice when you add salt to ice?

Adding salt to ice decreases its melting point. Adding salt to the top of ice helps melt the ice faster.

Why is salt put on ice?

The chemiclas in salt cause the ice to melt.

Should you spread salt on ice?

Only if you want the salt on the ice.

Why does ice melt faster in fresh water and not salt water?

Salt melts ice because the salt molecules in the salt water changes the water molecules in the ice.

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