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yes it is short for fort and is usually built in war to be used

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A stronghold is another term for a fortress, denoting a heavily fortified and defended structure used for protection in times of conflict or war.

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Q: What is the same thing as a fortress?
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Does fort mean the same thing as fortress?

yes it does

What systems are Team Fortress 2 made for?

its only for mac or PC which r practically the same thing

Where is the fortress on red dragon island on poptropica?

the fortress is up the first stairs(the locked thing)

Are fort and fortress the same?

no they aren't

Can you send Machina Fortress and a machine monster to the Graveyard to then Special Summon that Fortress from the Graveyard in Yu-Gi-Oh?

Yes, Machina Fortress can be discarded as part of the cost for its own effect, and then that same Machina Fortress can be special summoned from the graveyard.

Where is sanctuary fortress in Metroid prime 2?

at the place with the downed army ship you can get to the sanctuary fortress (you can get to the ship through the main hub where you fought the ant thing)

Can you use 'Machina Fortress' to summon itself from the graveyard?

If it is originally in your hand, then yes, you may send the Machina Fortress in hand as well as one other monster, and then special summon that same Machina Fortress from the graveyard.

Can you play multiplayer in the same TV and console in Team Fortress 2 for Xbox 360?

No, Team Fortress 2 has no split-screen option.

How i mined nether warts in a nether fortress and went back into the over world and put them in a chest however when you looked for them they were gone but do they grow back in the same fortress?

If you mined all of the nether wart in the nether fortress it ill not grow back on its own, however any left there will still be there. You will be able to find other sources of netherwart in the nether, possibly even in the same nether fortress.

Is a fortress a person place or thing?

A fortress can be any place that offers safety. It can also refer to Christ teachings, for if we follow them they will help keep us safe from the evil influence of the world.

Can you use machina soldier for special summoning machina fortress?

Machine Soldier can special summon Machina Fortress, as it is a Machina monster. Machina Fortress has an inbuilt special summon method, but this is a 'you can' and not a 'can only' thing, it can be special summoned by other effects if you wish. Since Machina Soldier is a machine, you are also allowed to use it to pay towards Machina Fortress's own special summon cost.

How do you use the word fortress in a sentence?

"The soldiers defended the fortress as best they could." "The fortress was built to defend again attacks by Viking raiders." "His stoic demeanor was his fortress against the cruelty the world can inflict."