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Q: What is the science if studying ancient life?
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What is the science of studying ancient life?

Paleontology is the study of ancient life.

What is called when science of studying ancient life?


The science of studying ancient life?


What is the of studying ancient life?


The science of studying acient life?


Is volcanology life science earth science or physical science?

It is a branch of earth science studying volcanoes.

How does studying the moon further science?

You can learn what is on the moon and if there is life on the moon.

Why did science start?

Because of a lot of people studying plant life

The scienece of studying ancient life?

sodium is what im looking for now shut up

What are the the importance in the study of science?

studying science will make our life smooth,just look the change in lifestyle from old time to new age

What are you studying when you're studying the science of sound?


What are examples of professions in life science?

what field in biology is related to studying bacteria