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1. A scientist must be curious about the world.

2. A scientist is logical and systematic.

3. A scientist is open-minded and free of bias.

4. A scientist is intellectually honest.

5. A scientist works hard and is persistent.

6. A scientist does not jump to conclusions.

7. A scientist is a creative and critical thinker.

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Q: What is the scientific attitudes to be developed by a scientist?
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Who are the scientists that possess scientific attitudes?

Anyone who is a scientist should possess scientific attitudes, or she/he is not a scientist. They have perseverance and determination and that's the true scientist.

What is the meaning of beliefs in scientific attitudes?

Scientific Attitudes are attitudes a scientist should possess in order to be successful or to successful solve problems. Here are some examples of Scientific Attitudes: Open-mindedness Perseverance Humility Flexibility

5 scientific attitudes of scientist and describe each?

Sdr gm

What is scienific attitudes?

scientific attitudes are attitudes that all scientist must exhibit in order to have a meaningful and successful career such as honesty,perseverance,patience,etc...

Ennumerate the scientific attitudes of scientist?

curios, minded and intellectually.......honest ,creative

Who are the famous scientist and their works and their scientific attitudes while doing there works?

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Is a scientist rational?

yes, he should be . it is also included in the scientific attitudes . a scientist should be rational , open-minded , and etc. ,

Give at least 5 scientific attitudes possess by scientist?

patient and creative thinking

What are the 7 scientific attitudes with scientific attitudes?

scientific attitudes together with its definition

What scientific attitudes or values are shared by scientist?

itne thappar marunga na scientists are humans dude....

What are the scientific attitudes that the scientist possess?

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Albert einsten what is the scientific attitudes that a scientist must possess?

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