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The scientific name of bat is Pipistrellus Pipistrellus that is a common bat's scientific name .

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The scientific name for bat is Chiroptera.

A scientific name for a Bat is called Chiroptera.

Bats are mammals of the order Chiroptera. The name "Bat" alone has no scientific name.

The scientific name is Chiroptera.

The scientific name for bats is Chiroptera. It means "hand wing."

The scientific name is Chiroptera, but other than that, no.

The scientific or taxonomic name would be Euderma maculatum.

"Desmodus rotundus" is a vampire bat.

Bats make up the order Chiroptera, which has over 1,000 species. Each species has its own scientific name.

The scientific or taxonomic name would be Corynorhinus townsendii.

The scientific or taxonomic name would be Plecotus townsendii.

Fruit bats, whose actual name is actually megabats, have the scientific name Pteropodidae.Despite having wings, bats are classed as mammals.

The flying fox bat is the Pteropus vampyrus

"Pteropus scapulatus" For future reference, go to: then type in: scientific name for and put whichever animal you'd like to know the name for.

Aardvark (Scientific Name: Orycteropus afer) Aardwolf (Scientific Name: Proteles cristatus) Aba Roundleaf Bat (Scientific Name: Hipposideros abae) Abbott's Duiker (Scientific Name: Cephalophus spadix) Aberdare Shrew (Scientific Name: Surdisorex norae) Abert's Squirrel (Scientific Name: Sciurus aberti) Abo Bat (Scientific Name: Chalinolobus poensis) Abyssinian Genet (Scientific Name: Genetta abyssinica) Abyssinian Grass Rat (Scientific Name: Arvicanthis abyssinicus) Acacia Rat (Scientific Name: Thallomys paedulcus) Aceramarca Gracile Mouse Opossum (Scientific Name: Gracilinanus aceramarcae) Acuchis. (Scientific Name: Myoprocta) Acuminate Horseshoe Bat (Scientific Name: Rhinolophus acuminatus) Adam's Horseshoe Bat (Scientific Name: Rhinolophus adami) Addax (Scientific Name: Addax nasomaculatus) Aders's Duiker (Scientific Name: Cephalophus adersi) Admiralty Flying Fox (Scientific Name: Pteropus admiralitatum) Aellen's Pipistrelle (Scientific Name: Pipistrellus inexspectatus) Aellen's Roundleaf Bat (Scientific Name: Hipposideros marisae) Afghan Flying Squirrel (Scientific Name: Hylopetes baberi) Afghan Mouse-like Hamster (Scientific Name: Calomyscus mystax) Afghan Pika (Scientific Name: Ochotona rufescens) Afghan Vole (Scientific Name: Blanfordimys afghanus) African Brush-tailed Porcupine (Scientific Name: Atherurus africanus) African Buffalo (Scientific Name: Syncerus caffer) African Bush Squirrels (Scientific Name: Paraxerus) African Civet (Scientific Name: Civettictis civetta) African Clawless Otter (Scientific Name: Aonyx capensis) African Elephant (Scientific Name: Loxodonta africana) African Foggy Shrew (Scientific Name: Crocidura caliginea) African Giant Free-tailed Bat (Scientific Name: Tadarida ventralis) African Giant Squirrels. (Scientific Name: Protoxerus) African Golden Cat (Scientific Name: Profelis aurata) African Grass Rat (Scientific Name: Arvicanthis niloticus) African Groove-toothed Rat (Scientific Name: Mylomys dybowskii) African Ground Squirrels (Scientific Name: Xerus) African Linsang (Scientific Name: Poiana richardsonii) African Manatee (Scientific Name: Trichechus senegalensis) African Marsh Rat (Scientific Name: Dasymys incomtus) African Mole Rat (Scientific Name: Cryptomys hottentotus) African Palm Civet (Scientific Name: Nandinia binotata) African Pygmy Squirrel (Scientific Name: Myosciurus pumilio) African Savanna Hare (Scientific Name: Lepus victoriae) African Sheath-tailed Bat (Scientific Name: Coleura afra) African Smoky Mouse (Scientific Name: Heimyscus fumosus) African Striped Weasel (Scientific Name: Poecilogale albinucha) African Water Rat (Scientific Name: Colomys goslingi) African Wild Dog (Scientific Name: Lycaon pictus) African Yellow Bat (Scientific Name: Scotophilus dinganii) African elephants. (Scientific Name: Loxodonta) African harsh-furred hares. (Scientific Name: Poelagus) Agag Gerbil (Scientific Name: Gerbillus agag) Agile Gibbon (Scientific Name: Hylobates agilis) Agile Gracile Mouse Opossum (Scientific Name: Gracilinanus agilis) Agile Kangaroo Rat (Scientific Name: Dipodomys agilis) Agile Mangabey (Scientific Name: Cercocebus agilis) Agile Wallaby (Scientific Name: Macropus agilis) Agoutis and Acuchis. (Scientific Name: Family Dasyproctidae) Agoutis. (Scientific Name: Dasyprocta) Alai Mole Vole (Scientific Name: Ellobius alaicus) Alashan Ground Squirrel (Scientific Name: Spermophilus alashanicus) Alaska Marmot (Scientific Name: Marmota broweri) Alaskan Hare (Scientific Name: Lepus othus) Alcorn's Pocket Gopher (Scientific Name: Pappogeomys alcorni) Aldabra Flying Fox (Scientific Name: Pteropus aldabrensis) Alexander's Bush Squirrel (Scientific Name: Paraxerus alexandri) Alexander's Cusimanse (Scientific Name: Crossarchus alexandri) Alexandrian Shrew (Scientific Name: Crocidura aleksandrisi) Alfaro's Rice Rat (Scientific Name: Oryzomys alfaroi) Alfaro's Rice Water Rat (Scientific Name: Sigmodontomys alfari) Algerian Gerbil (Scientific Name: Gerbillus garamantis) Algerian Mouse (Scientific Name: Mus spretus) Alice Springs Mouse (Scientific Name: Pseudomys fieldi) Allen's Big-eared Bat (Scientific Name: Idionycteris phyllotis) Allen's Chipmunk (Scientific Name: Tamias senex) Allen's Cotton Rat (Scientific Name: Sigmodon alleni) Allen's Olingo (Scientific Name: Bassaricyon alleni) Allen's Squirrel (Scientific Name: Sciurus alleni) Allen's Squirrel Galago (Scientific Name: Galago alleni) Allen's Striped Bat (Scientific Name: Chalinolobus alboguttatus) Allen's Swamp Monkey (Scientific Name: Allenopithecus nigroviridis) Allen's Swamp Monkeys. (Scientific Name: Allenopithecus) Allen's Wood Mouse (Scientific Name: Hylomyscus alleni) Allen's Woodrat (Scientific Name: Hodomys alleni) Allen's Yellow Bat (Scientific Name: Rhogeessa alleni) Allenby's Gerbil (Scientific Name: Gerbillus allenbyi) Allied Rock Wallaby (Scientific Name: Petrogale assimilis) Alpaca (Scientific Name: Lama pacos) Alpine Chipmunk (Scientific Name: Tamias alpinus) Alpine Field Mouse (Scientific Name: Apodemus alpicola) Alpine Marmot (Scientific Name: Marmota marmota) Alpine Musk Deer (Scientific Name: Moschus chrysogaster) Alpine Pika (Scientific Name: Ochotona alpina) Alpine Pine Vole (Scientific Name: Microtus multiplex) Alpine Shrew (Scientific Name: Sorex alpinus) Alpine Woolly Rat (Scientific Name: Mallomys gunung) Alston's Brown Mouse (Scientific Name: Scotinomys teguina) Alston's Cotton Rat (Scientific Name: Sigmodon alstoni) Alston's Woolly Mouse Opossum (Scientific Name: Micoureus alstoni) Altai Birch Mouse (Scientific Name: Sicista napaea) Altai Vole (Scientific Name: Microtus obscurus) Altiplano Chinchilla Mouse (Scientific Name: Chinchillula sahamae) Altiplano Grass Mouse (Scientific Name: Akodon puer) Amami Rabbit (Scientific Name: Pentalagus furnessi) Amami Shrew (Scientific Name: Crocidura orii) Amazon Bamboo Rat (Scientific Name: Dactylomys dactylinus) Amazon Dwarf Squirrel (Scientific Name: Microsciurus flaviventer) Amazonian Manatee (Scientific Name: Trichechus inunguis) Amazonian Sac-winged Bat (Scientific Name: Saccopteryx gymnura) Ambon Flying Fox (Scientific Name: Pteropus argentatus) American Badger (Scientific Name: Taxidea taxus) American Beaver (Scientific Name: Castor canadensis) American Bison (Scientific Name: Bison bison) American Black Bear (Scientific Name: Ursus americanus) American Marten (Scientific Name: Martes americana) American Mink (Scientific Name: Mustela vison) American Pika (Scientific Name: Ochotona princeps) American Shrew Mole (Scientific Name: Neurotrichus gibbsii) American flying squirrels. (Scientific Name: Glaucomys) American marsupials. (Scientific Name: ORDER DIDELPHIMORPHIA) American opossums. (Scientific Name: Subfamily Didelphinae) American red squirrels, or chickarees. (Scientific Name: Tamiasciurus) American shrew-moles. (Scientific Name: Neurotrichus) Ammodile (Scientific Name: Ammodillus imbellis) Amur Hedgehog (Scientific Name: Erinaceus amurensis) Amur Lemming (Scientific Name: Lemmus amurensis) Anchieta's Pipistrelle (Scientific Name: Pipistrellus anchietai) Andaman Horseshoe Bat (Scientific Name: Rhinolophus cognatus) Andaman Rat (Scientific Name: Rattus stoicus) Andaman Shrew (Scientific Name: Crocidura andamanensis) Andaman Spiny Shrew (Scientific Name: Crocidura hispida) Andean Altiplano Mouse (Scientific Name: Chroeomys andinus) Andean Big-eared Mouse (Scientific Name: Auliscomys sublimis) Andean Cat (Scientific Name: Oreailurus jacobita) Andean Gerbil Mouse (Scientific Name: Eligmodontia puerulus) Andean Hairy Armadillo (Scientific Name: Chaetophractus nationi) Andean Leaf-eared Mouse (Scientific Name: Phyllotis andium) Andean Long-clawed Mouse (Scientific Name: Chelemys macronyx) Andean Mountain Cavy (Scientific Name: Microcavia niata) Andean Mouse (Scientific Name: Andinomys edax) Andean Night Monkey (Scientific Name: Aotus miconax) Andean Pygmy Rice Rat (Scientific Name: Oligoryzomys andinus) Andean Rat (Scientific Name: Lenoxus apicalis) Andean Slender Mouse Opossum (Scientific Name: Marmosops impavidus) Andean Small-eared Shrew (Scientific Name: Cryptotis avia) Andean Soft-furred Spiny Rats. (Scientific Name: Olallamys) Andean Squirrel (Scientific Name: Sciurus pucheranii) Andean Swamp Rat (Scientific Name: Neotomys ebriosus) Andean Titi (Scientific Name: Callicebus oenanthe) Andean Vesper Mouse (Scientific Name: Calomys lepidus) Andersen's Fruit-eating Bat (Scientific Name: Artibeus anderseni) Andersen's Horseshoe Bat (Scientific Name: Rhinolophus anderseni) Anderson's Gerbil (Scientific Name: Gerbillus andersoni) Anderson's Mouse Opossum (Scientific Name: Marmosa andersoni) Anderson's Shrew (Scientific Name: Suncus stoliczkanus) Anderson's Shrew Mole (Scientific Name: Uropsilus andersoni) Anderson's Squirrel (Scientific Name: Callosciurus quinquestriatus) Anderson's White-bellied Rat (Scientific Name: Niviventer andersoni) Andrew's Beaked Whale (Scientific Name: Mesoplodon bowdoini) Andrew's Hill Rat (Scientific Name: Bunomys andrewsi) Andrews's Three-toed Jerboa (Scientific Name: Stylodipus andrewsi) Angel Island Mouse (Scientific Name: Peromyscus guardia) Angolan Colobus (Scientific Name: Colobus angolensis) Angolan Epauletted Fruit Bat (Scientific Name: Epomophorus angolensis) Angolan Free-tailed Bat (Scientific Name: Mops condylurus) Angolan Genet (Scientific Name: Genetta angolensis) Angolan Hairy Bat (Scientific Name: Myotis seabrai) Angolan Long-eared Bat (Scientific Name: Laephotis angolensis) Angolan Marsh Rat (Scientific Name: Dasymys nudipes) Angolan Multimammate Mouse (Scientific Name: Mastomys angolensis) Angolan Rousette (Scientific Name: Rousettus angolensis) Angolan Vlei Rat (Scientific Name: Otomys anchietae) Angolan Wood Mouse (Scientific Name: Hylomyscus carillus) Angoni Vlei Rat (Scientific Name: Otomys angoniensis) Angular Hocicudo (Scientific Name: Oxymycterus angularis) Angwantibos or Golden Pottos. (Scientific Name: Arctocebus) Ankole Mole Rat (Scientific Name: Tachyoryctes ankoliae) Annandale's Rat (Scientific Name: Rattus annandalei) Anoa (Scientific Name: Bubalus depressicornis) Ansell's Shrew (Scientific Name: Crocidura ansellorum) Ansorge's Cusimanse (Scientific Name: Crossarchus ansorgei) Ansorge's Free-tailed Bat (Scientific Name: Chaerephon ansorgei) Ant-eating squirrels. (Scientific Name: Rhinosciurus) Antarctic Fur Seal (Scientific Name: Arctocephalus gazella) Anteaters. (Scientific Name: Family Myrmecophagidae) Antechinuses, "Pouched Mice" (part). (Scientific Name: Antechinus) Antelope Jackrabbit (Scientific Name: Lepus alleni) Antelope-squirrels. (Scientific Name: Ammospermophilus) Anthony's Pipistrelle (Scientific Name: Pipistrellus anthonyi) Anthony's Woodrat (Scientific Name: Neotoma anthonyi) Antillean Cave Rat (Scientific Name: Heteropsomys antillensis) Antillean Fruit-eating Bat (Scientific Name: Brachyphylla cavernarum) Antillean Ghost-faced Bat (Scientific Name: Mormoops blainvillii) Antillean Giant Rice Rat (Scientific Name: Megalomys desmarestii) Antilopine Wallaroo (Scientific Name: Macropus antilopinus) Aoudad (Scientific Name: Ammotragus lervia) Apennine Shrew (Scientific Name: Sorex samniticus) Aquatic Genet (Scientific Name: Osbornictis piscivora) Aquatic Tenrec (Scientific Name: Limnogale mergulus) Aquatic tenrec. (Scientific Name: Limnogale) Arabian Gazelle (Scientific Name: Gazella arabica) Arabian Jird (Scientific Name: Meriones arimalius) Arabian Oryx (Scientific Name: Oryx leucoryx) Arabian Pipistrelle (Scientific Name: Pipistrellus arabicus) Arabian Shrew (Scientific Name: Crocidura arabica) Arabian Tahr (Scientific Name: Hemitragus jayakari) Aratathomas's Yellow-shouldered Bat (Scientific Name: Sturnira aratathomasi) Arboreal Rice Rat (Scientific Name: Oecomys speciosus) Arboreal Soft-furred Spiny Rat (Scientific Name: Diplomys caniceps) Arboreal Soft-furred Spiny Rats. (Scientific Name: Diplomys) Arboreal Spiny Rats, Ratas Espinosas. (Scientific Name: Echimys) Arctic Fox (Scientific Name: Alopex lagopus) Arctic Ground Squirrel (Scientific Name: Spermophilus parryii) Arctic Hare (Scientific Name: Lepus arcticus) Arctic Lemming (Scientific Name: Dicrostonyx torquatus) Arctic Shrew (Scientific Name: Sorex arcticus) Arcuate Horseshoe Bat (Scientific Name: Rhinolophus arcuatus) Arend's Golden Mole (Scientific Name: Chlorotalpa arendsi) Arfak Ringtail (Scientific Name: Pseudocheirus schlegeli) Argali (Scientific Name: Ovis ammon) Argentine Brown Bat (Scientific Name: Eptesicus furinalis) Argentine Gray Fox (Scientific Name: Pseudalopex griseus) Argentine Hocicudo (Scientific Name: Oxymycterus akodontius) Argentine Tuco-tuco (Scientific Name: Ctenomys argentinus) Arid Thicket Rat (Scientific Name: Grammomys aridulus) Arizona Cotton Rat (Scientific Name: Sigmodon arizonae) Arizona Gray Squirrel (Scientific Name: Sciurus arizonensis) Arizona Pocket Mouse (Scientific Name: Perognathus amplus) Arizona Shrew (Scientific Name: Sorex arizonae) Arizona Woodrat (Scientific Name: Neotoma devia) Armadillos. (Scientific Name: Family Dasypodidae) Armadillos. (Scientific Name: Subfamily Dasypodinae) Armenian Birch Mouse (Scientific Name: Sicista armenica) Armenian Shrew (Scientific Name: Crocidura armenica) Armored Rat (Scientific Name: Hoplomys gymnurus) Armored Shrew (Scientific Name: Scutisorex somereni) Armored Spiny Rat (Scientific Name: Makalata armata) Armored shrews. (Scientific Name: Scutisorex) Arnhem Land Rock Rat (Scientific Name: Zyzomys maini) Arnhem Tomb Bat (Scientific Name: Taphozous kapalgensis) Arnoux's Beaked Whale (Scientific Name: Berardius arnuxii) Arrogant Shrew (Scientific Name: Sylvisorex morio) Arrow Flying Squirrel (Scientific Name: Petinomys sagitta) Ash-colored Oldfield Mouse (Scientific Name: Thomasomys cinereus) Ash-gray Mouse (Scientific Name: Pseudomys albocinereus) Ashy Chinchilla Rat (Scientific Name: Abrocoma cinerea) Ashy Roundleaf Bat (Scientific Name: Hipposideros cineraceus) Ashy Titi (Scientific Name: Callicebus cinerascens) Ashy-bellied Oldfield Mouse (Scientific Name: Thomasomys cinereiventer) Asia Minor Ground Squirrel (Scientific Name: Spermophilus xanthoprymnus) Asia Minor Spiny Mouse (Scientific Name: Acomys cilicicus) Asian Garden Dormouse (Scientific Name: Eliomys melanurus) Asian House Shrew (Scientific Name: Suncus murinus) Asian Palm Civet (Scientific Name: Paradoxurus hermaphroditus) Asian Particolored Bat (Scientific Name: Vespertilio superans) Asian Red-cheeked Squirrel (Scientific Name: Dremomys rufigenis) Asian elephants. (Scientific Name: Elephas) Asian giant squirrels. (Scientific Name: Ratufa) Asian montane ground squirrels. (Scientific Name: Dremomys) Asian pygmy squirrels. (Scientific Name: Exilisciurus) Asian striped ground squirrels. (Scientific Name: Lariscus) Asian striped squirrels. (Scientific Name: Tamiops) Asiatic Black Bear (Scientific Name: Ursus thibetanus) Asiatic Brush-tailed Porcupine (Scientific Name: Atherurus macrourus) Asiatic Elephant (Scientific Name: Elephas maximus) Asiatic Golden Cat (Scientific Name: Catopuma temminckii) Asiatic Long-tailed Climbing Mouse (Scientific Name: Vandeleuria oleracea) Asiatic moles. (Scientific Name: Euroscaptor) Asiatic moles. (Scientific Name: Mogera) Asiatic short-tailed shrews. (Scientific Name: Blarinella) Asiatic water shrews; Himalayan water shrews; Japanese water shrews. (Scientific Name: Chimarrogale) *** (Scientific Name: Equus asinus) Assam Macaque (Scientific Name: Macaca assamensis) Atacama Myotis (Scientific Name: Myotis atacamensis) Atalaye Nesophontes (Scientific Name: Nesophontes hypomicrus) Atherton Antechinus (Scientific Name: Antechinus godmani) Atlantic Bamboo Rat (Scientific Name: Kannabateomys amblyonyx) Atlantic Humpbacked Dolphin (Scientific Name: Sousa teuszii) Atlantic Spiny Rat (Scientific Name: Proechimys dimidiatus) Atlantic Spotted Dolphin (Scientific Name: Stenella frontalis) Atlantic White-sided Dolphin (Scientific Name: Lagenorhynchus acutus) Audacious Mole Rat (Scientific Name: Tachyoryctes audax) Aurochs (Scientific Name: Bos taurus) Australian Bandicoots. (Scientific Name: Family Peramelidae) Australian False Vampire Bat (Scientific Name: Macroderma gigas) Australian Myotis (Scientific Name: Myotis australis) Australian Sea Lion (Scientific Name: Neophoca cinerea) Australian Swamp Rat (Scientific Name: Rattus lutreolus) Aye-aye (Scientific Name: Daubentonia madagascariensis) Aye-ayes. (Scientific Name: Family Daubentoniidae) Aye-ayes. (Scientific Name: Daubentonia) Azara's Agouti (Scientific Name: Dasyprocta azarae) Azara's Grass Mouse (Scientific Name: Akodon azarae) Azara's Night Monkey (Scientific Name: Aotus azarai) Azara's Tuco-tuco (Scientific Name: Ctenomys azarae) Azores Noctule (Scientific Name: Nyctalus azoreum) Aztec Fruit-eating Bat (Scientific Name: Artibeus aztecus) Aztec Mouse (Scientific Name: Peromyscus aztecus) Azumi Shrew (Scientific Name: Sorex hosonoi)

ChiropteraThere are about 1200 species of bat with different binary (scientific) names. Some bat groups are the Acerodons, the Rousettus, Craseonycterus, Myotis, and Artibeus. Each of these genera (First half of the binary name) can have several species (Second half of the binary name).There are 3 types of vampire bats each having its own generum and species:Common Vampire Bat Desmodus rotundisHairy-legged Vampire Bat Diphylla ecaudataWhite-winged Vampire Bat Diaemus youngi

Aproteles please so my question's answer in my ID soon please

I believe that a bat is in the order Chiroptera.

what is the common name for a bat what is the common name for a bat

Based on scientific nomenclature, all bats are part of the order Chiroptera (from the Greek meaning hand+wing). There is many families within this order, and approximatley 1100 species, each with their own scientific name.

The phrase 'Craseonycteris thonglongyai' is the scientific name of the 'bumblebee bat' of streamside limestone caves in eastern Burma and western Thailand. It also is called 'Kitti's hog-nosed bat'. It's the world's smallest bat, and possibly the world's smallest mammal, at 1.1-1.3 inches [29-33 millimeters] in length and 0.071 ounces [2 grams] in mass.

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