What is the scope of mbbs?

Updated: 12/18/2022
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Q: What is the scope of mbbs?
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What is the scope of dvm in Pakistan?

it is the third degree after mbbs and bds in the world which has much greater scope even that a vetenarian can earn more than a mbbs doctor or a dentist as far as the scope is concerned it has scope due to increasing needs of people for meat, eggs, milk, and other related things, and that needs a vetenarian so every where in the world including pakistan there is much scope of dvm consult for details dr. khizar matloob +92-333-6333015

What is MBBS expansion?

expansion of MBBS

Abbreviation of MBBS?

MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery MBBS Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary MBBS Mouth Big Brain Small MBBS Managed Broad Band Service MBBS Mitochondrial Benzodiazepine Binding Site MBBS Mian Biwi Bachon Samait

Is dvm equal to mbbs?

i think dvm is better than mbbs

Is Russian mbbs valid in India?

No it is not valid. Study MBBS in Belize. You can earn more after you have completed your MBBS course. And one more good things is you can finish MBBS course in 4 years there in Belize.

What is cut off list for govt MBBS in maharashtra?

MBBS-1 2011

When was Vasool Raja MBBS created?

Vasool Raja MBBS was created in 2003.

After msc psychology how many years for an mbbs degree?

mbbs degree in psychology

Reserved seats of mbbs for Pakistan in Bangladesh?

reserd mbbs seats for pakistan in bangladish

What groups can BSC students select in MBBS?

Rich BSc students can select MBBS

How many years MBBS after Bsc nursing?

i finished my bsc nursing at SRM COLLEGE OF NURSING wether i can do post MBBS if possible i want to duration of post MBBS

When was Shankar Dada MBBS created?

Shankar Dada MBBS was created on 2004-10-15.