What is the sentence of dense?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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Example sentence - The fog was dense this morning.

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Q: What is the sentence of dense?
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How do you use dense in sentence?

dense is an adjective. How about it is dense and so are you? the growth is dense. there is a dense growth of cells...blh blh blh hahahaha

How do you use dense in a sentence?

Ferociously, I attacked the jungle's dense undergrowth with a machete.

What is sentence for the word dense?

When I don't get what she's hinting at, she accuses me of being dense.

How do you use the word dense in a sentence?

This area of the forest is not as dense as the other one we just passed.

How do you use envolped in a sentence?

We were enveloped by a dense fog.

Can you use the word densely in a sentence?

You're dense.

Can you write a sentence with the words nutrient dense?

Nutrient dense foods leave one feeling satisfied.

A sentence for nucleus?

Example sentence - At the center of an atom is the very dense region called the nucleus.

A sentence with the word dense?

The smoke was so dense I couldn't see my hand two inches in front of my face. That student is really dense; he can't answer a single question.

What are the adjectives in the sentence The short dense fur of the inner layer of the coat is light in color?

short dense inner and light

How can you use cavities in a sentence?

The vegetation was especially dense inside the mountainside cavities.

Can you make a sentence using the word air?

The AIR is very dense, and moist today.