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Q: What is the setting of the book titled 28 and a half wishes?
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What day of what month will the new Camp Half-Blood series come out?

The new Camp Half-Blood series, titled the Heroes of Olympus, will be releasing the first book, titled the Lost Hero, on October 12th, 2010.

Is there a song titled 'The Other Half of Me' by Zooey Deschanel?

No, there is not a song titled 'The Other Half of Me' by Zooey Deschanel.

I heard that you can find the Entwives in the second half of The Two Towers book but I cant find them anywhere does anyone know what chapter they are in?

The Entwives are referred to in the first half of 'The Two Towers', book 3 of 6, chapter 4, which is titled: 'Threebeard.'

What is the setting of Percy Jackson The Lightning Thief the book only?

It takes place in the United States and a t Camp- Half- Blood

When a wife receives an inheritance is the husband in titled to half?

In the US, of course not.

Where is the setting of the book The Lost Hero?

same here, idk either, but since its an adventure and they travel everywhere, the main setting would probuly be in camp half blood, or the mansion where heras cage was, i forget what its called

What injutice did mackraker Jacob Rii's document?

Muckraker Jacob Riis documented injustice about the harsh conditions in the mines and the dangers from union members through his book titled, How the Other Half Lives.

What is The Lightning Thief' main setting?

The main setting is camp half-blood. second Olympus.

What is the next lost hero book About?

From the preview given in May, it is believed that it will be about Percy's life at the Roman Camp Half-blood. The setting is two months after The Lost Hero's ending.

What is the perfect snare drum setting?

Two and a half

If the setting was Mordor what book would one be reading?

The book would most definitely be The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. The setting of Mordor only appears in Return of the King. In book four of the Two Towers Sam gets a glimpse into Mordor, but actually is only just outside Shelob's Lair, as he cannot get past the gate. However, half of the sixth book is spent in Mordor. The Akallebeth in The Silmarilliondoes have events that take place in Mordor, but as the amount of information is so huge Tolkien never described in detail the landscape and setting of Mordor, ruling out this possibility.

The setting in The Sea of Monsters?

camp half blood mainly