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Wings; A Fairy Tale is about a girl named Tamisin that doesn't realize she is a fairy until she sprouts wings. E. D. Baker has other books, too. For example: The Frog Princess series, and another book out of that series...

1. The Frog Princess

2. Dragon's Breath

3. Once Upon a Curse

4. No Place for Magic

5. Salamander Spell

6. Dragon Princess

7. Dragon Kiss

8. A Prince Among Frogs: coming September 2010

Wings; A Fairy Tale and The Wide-Awake Princess are out of that series but are by E. D. Baker

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The book "Wings" by E.D. Baker is set in the fictional kingdom of Sylvania, where magical creatures like fairies and elves live alongside humans. The story follows a young fairy named Tamisin who discovers secrets about her past and her family's connection to the royal family.

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Q: What is the setting of the book wings by e.d baker?
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Did ED Baker write the sequel to Wings?

E.D. Baker announced on her website that Wings is part of a trilogy. She will begin writing the second book when she has completed the book she is currently working on.

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What is tamisin from ED Baker's fairy wings book's name?

Tamisin is a teenage girl who is the daughter of Queen Titania (of the fairies) and a human man. The story of her birth was recorded in Shakespeare's A Midsummer's Night Dream. She is a "halfling" and possesses qualities that are a mix of human and fairy such as wings but human strength. She is adopted by human parents and has grown up living in the human world.

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