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The shallowest part of the ocean is considered the shore. The shore is where the waves flow across the sand.

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Shallowest parts of the ocean?

The shallowest part of the ocean is The Intertidal Zone

What is the shallowest part of an ocean?

the tideline

Which ocean is the shallowest?

The shallowest ocean in the world is 'the sea of azov'.Understood?

Is it true that continental shelf is the deepest part of the ocean?

No the shelf is among the shallowest parts of the ocean.

The shallowest benthic zone?

The benthic zone is a region at the lowest level of an ocean or lake. The intertidal zone is the shallowest part of the benthic zone.

What is the shallowest part of a ocean?

I think we are all cheaters so the answer is the intertidal zone

What is the shallowest part of the pacific ocean?

the edge of a tide line on any beach on any coastline on the pacific ocean

Which ocean has the shallowest waters?

arctic ocean

What is the most shallowest of the ocean?

The Arctic Ocean

The northernmost part of Russia borders what ocean?

The northernmost part of Russia borders the Arctic Ocean. Among the five major oceanic divisions, it is considered as the shallowest ocean.

What is the shallowest point in the ocean and where is it located?

You may want to rethink this question. Of course, the shallowest place in the ocean is at the seashore!

What is the shallowest ocean basin?

The Arctic Ocean Basin

Which ocean is the shallowest of large oceans?

Arctic ocean

In which part of the ocean do you think an animal would live in shallowest or deepest?

The would depend on the animal.

The shallowest parts of the ocean are the?

continental margins

Which zone of the ocean ecosystem is the shallowest?

the beach

The shallowest of the largest oceans is the what ocean?

The shallowest ocean of the world's five is the arctic. It averages 3450 feet deep and is also the smallest in area.

Which ocean is smallest and has the shallowest average depth?


Which of Earth's oceans is the smallest and shallowest?

Arctic Ocean

What is the shallowest of the three biggest oceans in the world?

The Arctic Ocean

Correct order of the ocean zones from shallowest to deepest?

intertidal, near shore, open ocean.

What is the shallowest ocean?

The Adlantic OceanThe adlantic is the shallowest as well as the smallest of the worlds oceans. Arctic Ocean's average depth is only one quarter that of the Pacific. Average depth: 3,407 feet (1,038 m)Deepest point: 17,881 feet (5,450 m) in the Eurasian Basin

Which zone in a lake is the shallowest part?


What are the shallowest major features of the Atlantic to pacific ocean?


What part of the sea floor is the shallowest?

continential shelves

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