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What is the shelf life for Decon Rat Poison?


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what is the shelf life of decon


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You can set a rat trap or poison. If not those, then a Decon product. Decon products are deadly traps that kill rats.

Poison kills all life.

Yes and very fast. The rat or mouse poison, Decon, causes their blood to not be able to clot so they can bleed out very fast. Injections of Vitamin K is one treatment but your Veterinarian must do this. Other things may need to be done to save your dog's life. Take to see your Vet immediately.

Absolutely. If your cat has eaten rat poison, you may be able to save it's life. Get to a vet FAST!

Take the pet to the veterinarian immediately! Rat poison causes internal bleeding and can easily kill your pet in a short amount of time the pet does not receive immediate veterinary care!

To kill the pigeons with rat poison, you will have to poison their food with the rat poison. You can poison the water that the pigeons drink and the cereals that the pigeons eat.

No, rat poison will not kill roaches. Rat poison is designed to stop blood clotting and the rat dies from internal bleeding.

There is no rat poison in toothpaste. Never.

Barium is used for rat poison.

No, it could not, because the poison was specifically designed to kill rats, and was developed as a rat poison/killer, not a human poison/killer. It would still be considered rat poison, even if the human died from the rat poison.

Well this will vary by the brand and type of rat poison, generly not much. Hence the name 'rat poison'. If your rat has eaten rat poison i would advise that you take them to the vet emedietly.

There are many elements in rat poison. The most well known of all elements in rat poison is the infamous arsenic.

it is a proven face that it is rat poison it is a proven face that it is rat poison it is a proven face that it is rat poison

I think you mean what if your pet rat eats rat poison you dyslexic monkey.

Yes, rat poison will kill squirrels.

I believe they will. I say this because I have been findings droppings on the back top rim of my sofa but since I have put out decon poison i've been finding a greenish colored dropping and since I have yet to catch r even see r hear a mouse I believe it to be cockroaches only because I caught one on a sticky trap behind my sofa.

Yes, rat poison can be fatal to humans. And also, people who smoke can have high chances of dieing because it has rat poison in it.

Rat poison is warfarin. It makes them bleed to death.

rabbits do eat rat poison, but after a while they will die

You twit. Any amount can make you sick. Too much will rupture your blood vessels. Ya jerk quit with the fake news

Mostly of the legal drugs contain rat poison or plant seends.

Modern rat poison is an anticoagulant, not arsenic. This is much safer!

Rat poison could easily kill a person.

No, If it were rat poison, you'd be really sick after eating it, or even dead.

Yes, rat poison will kill humans. It will kill them slowly.

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