What is the shortest sentence possible in the English language?

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The shortest English sentence is 'it is'. It has a noun and a verb, which is what every sentence must have. 'It' is the noun and 'is' is the verb.

Well, actually, the shortest English sentence would have to be I am or I go or I do, any of which is one letter shorter. Grammatically speaking, Go as a command is also a complete sentence, as is Be. If you include unqualified interjections, then the hands-down winner would have to be O!
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In the English language when do you say 'you' or 'I' in a sentence speaking about yourself and another person?

I am not sure what you mean but i will try to answer. English is anSVO (Subject, Verb, Object) language, like most other languages.Meaning the Subject is always at the beginning of the sentence.Questions in English are, unlike other Germanic languages, arestill SVO, instead of changing to VSO. For e ( Full Answer )

What is the shortest English word?

"I" and "A" are each the shortest actual English words. Both 'i' and 'I' are the narrowest words while 'a' is the shortest .

Who was the shortest English Monarch?

Several English monarchs did not live long enough to attain adult height. Of those who reigned as adults, Queen Elizabeth I was probably the shortest.. Wrong! Queen Victoria was 5', Elizabeth was around 5'4". Victoria was probably the shortest...

What is the shortest word in the English language to contain all and only the letters A B C D E F?

There does not appear to be any word in the English language that contains all of the letters a, b, c, d, e and f. There are some words that use 5 of the 6 letters, such as . faced, and . decaf. But even when repeated letters are permitted, it does not seem possible to make any Englis ( Full Answer )

Differences between compound and complex sentences in English language with example?

A compound sentence is made using conjunctions such as and, but, so, or and then. For example, He ate a banana and drank some juice . Usually, these sentences have to have two clauses. The two clauses are in bold in the sentence above. A complex sentence is made without using the words and ( Full Answer )

What languages is the English language derived from?

English belongs to the Germanic family of Indo-European languages. Old English (also known as Anglo-Saxon) had two main dialects. The Anglic dialect gave its name to the language, but the Saxon dialect eventually evolved into Modern English. Along the way, English was heavily influenced, both in gra ( Full Answer )

What is the shortest sentence in the English language?

I'm. it has two letters so i guess it is tied with "go" as a sentence (my friend says go is because technically it has an implied subject) if either are legal sentences, and I'm not sure if go is because the definition of sentence I heard was a subject and a verb so if you count the contraction 'm ( ( Full Answer )

What is the shortest word in the English language that contains all five main vowels in alphabetical order?

Facetious, at nine letters long, might be the shortest word that contains all five vowels in alphabetical order. Suoidea, seven letters long, is the shortest word in the English language that contains all five main vowels in reverse alphabetical order. Other words with this property are the ( Full Answer )

What is the shortest complete sentence using all the letters of the English alphabet?

The shortest complete English sentence that uses all the letters in the English alphabet is: Squdgy fez, blank jimp crwth vox. (26) (meaning) Oozy fez, belittle skimpy crowd voice. This sentence uses each letter only once. Some others are: Frowzy things plumb vex'd Jack Q. J. Q. Vandz ( Full Answer )

What is English language?

The English language was first spoken by the English people and after a while Australians started to speak English as well as the USA and many other countries speak English. English is the medium of communication with one another. It is the 3rd most common spoken language in the world. English start ( Full Answer )

What is the English language?

A Germanic European language spoken in most areas historically part of the British empire. It was first spoken by Germanic tribes in Southern Scandinavia and since then has been influenced by Danish, Anglo-Norman, Old French, Modern French, Latin, Greek, and lately other languages. It has a simple G ( Full Answer )

How do you translate English sentences into American Sign Language Grammar?

Well, no....not really. I mean, you're on the right track, as far as leaving out words like "is" and "the" etc, but ASL has what is known as a "topic-comment" structure. The topic goes first, followed by the comment. For example, if you were to say in English, "I go to college," in ASL it would be " ( Full Answer )

Is it possible for someone that has failed language arts or English to be a good writer?

Yes it is. Their grammer may be bad, but what matters is their creativity. Not all artists got an "A" in Language Arts or English. . Answer: . Yes. Sometimes when you are taking classes, things in your life reduce the time and effort you can put into your class. A bad teacher (which is rare but ( Full Answer )

Who has the shortest reign in English history?

Queen Jane of England and Ireland, she held the throne for 9 days but was excuted by Queen Mary I. . King Syweyn I of England-1 month 9 days . King Edgar II of England-1 month 25 days . King Edward V of England-2 months 15 days . King Edmund Ironside-7 months 7 days . Queen Matilda-5-9 months ( Full Answer )

What is English the language of?

The root of the word is the Angles, a tribe that migrated through northern Europe and ended up in the British Isles along with the Saxons. It is spoken in different dialects primarily in Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania, The United States, Canada and Great Britain, but due to the once vast extent of ( Full Answer )

What is a English language?

English!! the language im typing in! if you wanto to be more specific, try british English and American English..

Teaching English as a Foreign Language in Germany- I am English and I was thinking of taking a gap year and teaching English in Germany- Is it possible- how much would I earn etc?

Bear in mind that you would be competing for jobs against German and British teachers who might have done joint degrees in English and German and postgraduate teaching qualifications. It would probably be easier to find gap year teaching work in countries like China or Ghana, etc. Many of the gap ye ( Full Answer )

What is the longest word and shortest word in English?

The shortest word is ' a ' or ' I '. The longest non-technical word is floccinaucinihilipilification. In use since about 1741, it means "the action or habit of estimating something as worthless" . It is actually a combination of four Latin words, flocci, nauci, nihili, pilifi, all of w ( Full Answer )

Why English language is the global language?

A long time ago, couple hundred years at least, they used to say the sun never set in the English empire. this is because England had colonies all across the world. All these colonies obviously would speak English. So the language easily was able to spread around the world. And while it' ( Full Answer )

Is it possible to become a TEFL-teacher even if English isn't your native language?

Yes it is. But (a) your English must be very good, and (b) you must pass the TEFL examinations. The main disadvantages for someone whose native language is not English are:- . they will be unlikely to appreciate some of the the subtleties of meanings of English words, expressions and idioms . ( Full Answer )

What is the shortest jail sentence possible possession and intent to deliver?

Unable to answer - the laws of all states can differ and they, in turn, can differ from the federal charge. 'Possession with Intent to Deliver' means that you are dealing in what is known as "commercial amounts" of narcotics or drugs, and is usually charged as a felony offense. A felony offense call ( Full Answer )

English language as a global language?

yes.. Ummm ... It's a global language because at the height of the British Empire we had colonies covering a quarter of the Globe. It's a second language for many people in many countries e.g. India.

Is it possible that a major language such as German could be replaced by English much as French replaced English as the prestige language after the Norman Conquest?

Possible, yes. Probable, no. Languages with a large number of speakers have a far lower likelihood of dying out, particularly when they have around 100 million speakers (that would be a bit on the low side for German). At that point, they have a high amount of inertia, so even if the international c ( Full Answer )

Why English language is a universal language?

English is becoming a very popular universal language because all around the world, the English language is spoken and it has been spread. England colonized several territories, including much in Africa , Asia, Oceania, North America, the Caribbean and a few in Latina and South America. But the ( Full Answer )

What language is the parent language of English?

English is commonly referred to as a mongrel language, in that it doesn't have on specific parent language, but has evolved over the years from many different languages. In geographical terms, Old and then Middle English were the languages spoken in much (though not nearly all) of Britain before M ( Full Answer )

Which language come from the English language?

The Scots language has its basis in Old English (or "Inglis", as the Scottish people called it at the time). A number of pidgins and creoles also have their basis in English, but Scots is recognised as a separate language.

Is the English language a bastard language?

If you mean bastard, as in fatherless; then no... it is in the family language of the germanic - indoeuropean - japhetic trace of languages from the tower of babel. But it is becoming a "bastard" language in the sense that surely a great number of more than half of the people who speak it speak it ( Full Answer )

What language did the English language come from?

English comes from... English. Old English, a highly inflected Germanic language formerly known as Anglo-Saxon, had two main dialects: Anglic, which gave its name to the entire language and survives in the dialects of Northern England and lowlands Scotland; and Saxon, which became the dialect known ( Full Answer )

How many type of sentences are there in English language?

Basic English Sentence Structures English has four main sentence types: 1. Declarative Sentences are used to form statements. Examples: "Mary is here.", "My name is Mary." 2. Interrogative Sentences are used to ask questions. Examples: "Where is Mary?", "What is your name?" 3. ( Full Answer )