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To get the code, go to the website Then, type your Trainer ID and choose the box paper you want.

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โˆ™ 2008-12-08 16:41:59
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Q: What is the sick girl code in Rustboro City for Pokemon Emerald?
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How do you get the code for the sick girl in rustboro city in Pokemon emerald?

You can go the website, Flib and it will contain a secret code generator. Use this to get some secret codes and then tell the code to the girl's father. The father will then create a wallpaper for you.

What is the number code of Pokemon city department in Pokemon emerald?

The code is the following 1,6,4,9,3

How do you get mach bike code in Pokemon emerald?

In mauville city

What phrase do you say to the guy in rustboro whos trying to make his daughter laugh in Pokemon emerald?

In the GameBoy Advance game Pokemon: Emerald, there is a side quest in which you must offer a funny phrase to a man in Rastoboro City. There is no actual phrase. You can, however enter a generated code that is based on your Trainer ID and the reward that you want.

What is the Action Replay Max code to get five stars or go to the moon to catch Jirachi in Pokemon Emerald?

I don't think there is a code to get to the moon in Pokemon Emerald, but there is a code to get Jirachi in Pokemon Emerald.

What is the code for a wild Pokemon modifier for emerald action replay code?

pokemon emerald action replay codes wild pokemon modifier

Pokemon emerald cheat code for certain Pokemon?


Is there a gameshark code for Pokemon emerald to catch trainers Pokemon?

I belive there is not a code to catch trainers Pokemon :(

Do you know The Missingno code for Pokemon emerald?

no there is no missingno glitch in emerald

Where can i find a cheat code that will let you find a seedot on emerald?

There's no need to use a cheat code as Seedot can be found, albeit rarely, on Routes 102, 117 and 120. Alternatively, if you have a spare Ralts, you can trade for it with a man in Rustboro City.

Is there a gameshark code for shiny Pokemon in Pokemon emerald?

yes there is

How do you activate a Pokemon code in Pokemon emerald?

click on the cheat

What is the Pokemon emerald xploder shiny Pokemon code?


How do you use code for Pokemon emerald?

you type in the code online

A game shark code for Crobat in Pokemon emerald?

Here is a game shark code for Crobat in Pokemon Emerald. The code is 97ADB0E5 F82054B1 and has been tested and is verified to work.

What is the legit gs code for catch peoples Pokemon for Pokemon emerald?

no gameshark code is legit

Pokemon Emerald master code?

These nuts

Is there a gameshark code in Pokemon Emerald?


Gameshark code for shiny Pokemon on Pokemon Emerald?

nope not at all.

What is the shiny Pokemon gameshark code for Pokemon emerald?

Search it up!!!!!

Whats the code for shiny Pokemon in Pokemon emerald?

111b24 4ga67d

What is the Pokemon emerald game shark code for shiny Pokemon?


What is the code to get all Pokรฉmon in Pokรฉmon emerald?

There is no all Pokemon code.

Is there a game shark code for Pokemon emerald for the master code?


What is the gamecode for Pokemon Emerald on action replay?

You can get the code on google and type in Pokemon Emerald ation replay cheat codes.