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Hebrew uses the same numerals as everyone else. For traditional Jewish purposes, the letters of the alphabet can also be used as numbers. 6 would be vav (ו).

The word six is שש (pronounced shesh) for feminine nouns and שישה (sheesha) for masculine nouns.

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There are no special signs for numbers in Hebrew. Hebrew uses the letters of the alphabet to represent numbers.

6 is the letter Vav (ו). Every Hebrew letter has a number value:

1 א

2 ב

3 ×’

4 ד

5 ×”

6 ו

7 ×–

8 ×—

9 ט

10 ×™

20 ×›

30 ל

40 מ

50 × 

60 ס

70 ×¢

80 פ

90 צ

100 ק

200 ר

300 ש

400 ת

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Hebrew uses the same system for writing numbers as everyone else. But if you are are referring to traditional numbering, used in Jewish documents, calendars, etc., then letters of the Hebrew alphabet are used for numbers. So sixty would be the letter samech (ס).

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feminine = shesh (שש)

masculine = shisha (שישה)

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Q: What is the sign for 6 in Hebrew?
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