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The Mint stopped using silver in the $1 coin in 1967. Starting in 1968 the "silver dollar" was 99.9% nickel.

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What is 1968 Canadian silver dollar worth?

1968 is the first year that Canadian dollars were no longer silver. It's worth one dollar.

What is value of 1968 Canadian silver dollar?

Canada did not make a silver dollar in 1968 - They were made of nickel that year

What is the value of a 1968 proof silver dollar?

Starting in 1968, Canadian dollar coins were made of nickel instead of silver. A 1968 proof dollar is worth about $3.

1968 Canadian silver dollar?

Starting that year, Canadian dollar coins were made of nickel instead of silver. It's only worth a dollar or two.

How much silver in a 1968 Canadian dollar?

The 1968 dollar is 100% nickel. 1967 was the last year that the canada used silver for their coins.

Do 1976 Canadian Quarters have any silver content?

No. Silver circulating coinage was discontinued in Canada after 1968.

What is the price of a Canadian silver dollar after 1967?

After 1967, Canadian dollar coins no longer contained silver. 1968-86, they're made of pure nickel, and are still worth one dollar each in Canada.

What is the silver content of pre 1968 Canadian quarters?

80% for 1920-1967, and 92.5% before that.

What is the value of a 1969 Canadian silver quarter?

Last year for Canadian silver content coins was a partial production in 1968. A magnet will pick up newer quarters but not pre 1968 silver coins this includes dimes as well.

What is the value of 1968 Canada silver dollar?

Starting in 1968, Canadian dimes, quarters, half dollars, and dollars were all made of nickel, not silver. It's worth one dollar in Canada.

Is the silver Canadian coins worth much?

1920-1966 Canadian coins have the following value as of March 2 with SIlver prices at $34.69 per ounce. Dollar: $20.81, Half $10.40, Quarter $5.20 Dime: $2.08. These are all $80% silver. In 1967 and 1968 Most Canada coins went to 50% silver. After 1968, there is no silver content. This answer is from a silver perspective only. There are rare and collectible coins that have no silver.

Kennedy half dollar 1968?

If this question is about the coin's value, it's worth about $4.50 for its silver content.

What is the value of a 1984 Canadian half dollar?

Silver was removed from Canadian coins in 1968, so if you found it in change your half-dollar is an ordinary circulation coin with no added value.

Is 1968 half a dollar silver?

The 1968 Kennedy half dollar is only 40% silver.

What is a 1968-d silver dollar worth?

The US did not mint a dollar coin in 1968, therefore you don't have a 1968-D silver dollar.

What is the silver content of a 1968 Canadian 25 cent coin?

There are two varieties of the 1968 Canadian quarter. One is 50% silver with 50% copper, and the other is pure nickel. The easiest way to tell them apart is with a magnet. The nickel version is magnetic, while the silver/copper version is not.

1968 silver half dollar?

The 1968 Kennedy half dollar is only 40% silver and has a value of about $4.00.

What is the value of 1970's Canadian Silver Dollar?

Unless it is unusual it is worth about one dollar. 1970 dollar coins were actually made of nickle from 1968 to 1987.

What is the silver content in a Canadian silver dollar?

Canadian coins were made of .925 silver and .075 copper from 1858 through 1919. Beginning in 1920, the silver content was reduced to .800 and a copper of .200. However, very few coins from 1920-1921 made it to circulation (these are rare). The 5 cent silver coin ceased minting in 1921. In 1967 a transition occurred, further reducing the silver content to .500 with .500 copper. Some of the 1967 coins are .800 silver and others are .500; I cannot tell how to precisely tell the difference except that the higher silver content coin has a noticeably different "ring" to it when dropped on a hard surface (try this with a silver coin vs. an alloy coin). In 1968 the last of the Canadian coins with .500 silver content were minted. After 1968 they are entirely alloy like the U.S. coins. To note, U.S. silver coins followed nearly the same phase-out of silver following 1964 which was the last year of 90% silver circulation coinage. In 1965 the dime and quarter went to a full clad composition with no silver while the half dollar went to a net 40% silver content through 1970. In 1971 the half dollar lost its silver and went to the same clad scheme as the lower coins.

Was there a 1968 silver dollar coin?

No there was not. No U.S. one dollar coins were made in 1968.

How much is a 1968 d silver half dollar worth?

How much is a 1968 kennedy silver half dollar worth

Which Canadian coins are silver?

Circulating Canadian coins haven't contained silver since mid-1968. Bullion coins made for and sold to collectors contain silver but these aren't put into circulation.

When was the Canadian dollar coin introduced?

The old silver dollar first went into circulation in 1935. Then in 1968, the size was reduced and the composition changed from silver to pure nickel. In 1987, it was changed again to the smaller golden dollar still in use today.

Is a Canada 1964 50 cent piece made of silver?

Yes. Canadian 10, 25, 50 cent, and one dollar coins contained silver until 1968.

What is 1969 Canadian quarter silver content?

None. It's pure nickel. Canada hung onto silver in its coins a bit longer than the US but stopped by mid-1968.

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