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Q: What is the similiarties between dreams and social studies?
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What is the relationship btw social studies and social science?

Discuss the relationship between social studies and social science

What is similarities between social studies and social science?


What is int social studies?

Int social studies is short for international social studies.

What is difference between social studies and social science?

Social Studies is the history, geography, and all that stuff learned throughout elementary school. Social Science is the study of how people act around one another.

What are the similarities between social studies and social science?

Social sciences are more lik psychology and sociology-studing people and how they interact, social studies is more like history-studying people, places and events

The relationship between social studies and other social sciences?

Social studies is an interdisciplinary field that draws from various social sciences, such as sociology, anthropology, economics, and political science. It integrates knowledge and methods from these disciplines to study human societies and their interactions. Social studies provides a broad, comprehensive understanding of social phenomena by incorporating insights from the different social sciences.

What is a covenant in social studies?

It is similar to a contract between one or more people.

Is the correct term you teach Social Studies or you teach social studies?

social studies subjects are never capitalizied

Is social studies a proper noun?

When it is the name of a course or part of a book title, Social Studies is a proper noun. For most other uses, social studies is a common noun. Example uses: Your school requires that you take a social studies course each year. I get my highest grades in social studies. You must take Social Studies I and Social Studies II, but Social Studies III is optional.

Is social studies an social science the same?

Yes social studies and social science are the same.

What is the social studies definition of caravan?

what is a caravan in social studies

Is greek mythology science or social studies?

social studies