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What is the single game quarterback rushing record in yards and TDs?


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Michael Vick of the Atlanta Falcons holds the NFL Quarterback single game rushing record with 173 yards from 10 attempts during a 2002 game vs the Vikings. Nealon Greene of the Edmonton Eskimos holds the CFL Quarterback single game rushing record with 180 yards in 14 carries versus the Saskatchewan Roughriders on July 19, 1999.


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Denard Robinson from the University of Michigan holds the record for most rushing yards by a quarterback in a season with 1,538 yards. Robinson also holds the record for most career rushing yards by a QB in NCAA history with 4,495 yards.

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Michael Vick has the most rushing yards by a quarterback with 5,139 yards.

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The NFL record for most rushing yards in a single season by a quarterback is 1,039, set by then Atlanta star Michael Vick during the 2006 season.

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In a career, Randall Cunningham holds the record for rushing yards by a Quarterback with 4928. Michael Vick does hold the single season record with 1039 yards.

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In the NFL, it is Bobby Douglass with 968 yards for Chicago in 1972. In this 2004-2005 season, Michael Vick is on a pace to break that record. As of the start of the 2007 season, Michael Vick holds the single season rushing record by a quarterback with 1,039 yards in the 2006 season.

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