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umm i dont really know because im dumb :P :L

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From the Columbia website: "Columbia University has grown to include more than 4,000 faculty members and 23,000 students."

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Q: What is the size of Columbia?
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What is the size comparison of Switzerland and British Columbia?

The area of British Columbia is 944,735 km2. The area of Switzerland is 41,284 km2. British Columbia is 22.88 times the size of Switzerland.

What is the geographical size of british Columbia?

944,735 km²

How big is british Columbia in km?

British Columbia comprises an area of 944,735 km2

What is the precise size of the Columbia Plateau?

64,401 sq. miles

What city is larger Columbia S C or Atlanta Ga?

Columbia is bigger in size but Atlanta has way more people!

What sizes are columbia shorts available in?

Columbia shorts are available in both mens and womens sizes. The sizes range from XS to XL for both genders and the website carries a handy size chart giving the approximate measurements of each size.

Where can you get plus sized columbia jackets?

There are many places to get plus sized Columbia Jackets. Macys carries that brand and they also have a plus size section. Dicks sporting Goods also carries that brand in plu sizes. The Columbia website does as well.

What is the size of Vancouver island?

Vancouver Island is approximately 12,079 square kilometers in size.

What are the dimensions of letter size?

The dimensions of letter size for the paper are 8.5 inches by 11 inches, this dimension is the same in Boliva, Columbia, Mexico, Canada, America, Chile, to name a few.

How does the size of Mexico compare to the size of Columbia?

Mexico has an area of 1,972,550 sq km (761,606 sq mi) while Colombia is 1,141,748 sq km (440,831 sq mi). Roughly, Colombia has 58% the size of Mexico.

What is the size of the District of Columbia?

Washington D.C. is 68.3 sq miles. Washington D. C. is not a state. It is the Capitol of the United States of America, and is on the Atlantic coast of the United States between Virigina and Maryland. Washinton State is 71,342 sq miles. Washington State is on the Pacific Coast of the United States. It is above Oregon, and below British COlumbia, Canada.

What is British Columbia's size in area?

British Columbia covers an area of approximately 364,764 square miles (or 944,735 square kilometers), making it the third-largest province in Canada.