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Most Java objects seem to be 32KB and are located under your downloaded programs.

If you double click on your "My Computer" icon then double click on "Local Disk (C:) " there you should find an area with a "Windows" folder double click on that and there should be a "Downloaded Programs" folder in which if you double click on that you will be able to then see your Java objects - OR - instead of going into the "Windows" folder you could double click on the "Programs" folder and there will be a "Java" folder in there (which ever you prefer).

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How do you find size of any object in java OR is there any operator or fun.. equivalent size of in c plus plus?

No, there is no such operator or function in Java that can tell you the amount of memory an object uses.

How do you find the size of a class object?

Java does not have a sizeOf() operator and hence there is no way we can actually determine the size of a java class object. However we can analyze the overall heap space utilization to try to get an approximate indication of how much memory is used by an object but it is not accurate.

What is a java object?

A java object is a collection of methods and properties defined in the Java programming language.

What is java and java script?

Java is an object oriented language whereas Javascript is object base language.

Where object is stored on Heap or Stack in java?

an object is stored in a heap in java

What language is completely object oriented c plus plus or java?

Java is the complete object oriented Programming Language as every thing in java is an object,

Can you initialize an object without constructor in java?

No. if you wish to create an object that you plan on using in a java program then the answer is NO. You cannot initialize an object of a Java class without calling the constructor.

How do you search for an object in a list and if matches return that object using java?

Using boolen Contains(Object ob) method of List Interface .we can find object through List....

Why java is certifiction?

java is a object oriented langage,that is indepentant platform. java is full object oriented language. java is access any operating java is good certification of program in runtime environment.

Why do you require a object in java but not in C?

Because Java is an object-oriented language and C is a procedural language.

Is there class name as object in java?

Yes, the base class for all other Java classes is Object.

Did java oriented language works on object?

Java is an object oriented language, and it works with classes and objects.

What is the Object class parent?

Object is the topmost class in the Java Class hierarchy. There is no Class above Object. All classes in Java are implicitly derived from Object.

Why is Java called OOP Language?

Java is called Object Oriented Programming Language because in Java, you can implement all the Object Oriented methodologies (inheritance, multi-inheritance, polymorphism, encapsulation) and Programing paradigm in Java is also Object Oriented.

Why java is called as truly object oriented language?

because java supports three main pillars.....(inheritance encapsulation and abstraction)..... and everything in java is OBJECT......

Can you overload static method in java?

yes you very can very much to be likely. here is example of overloading static method in Java: public static int size(Object o) public static int size(Collection c)

Why java know as true object oriented language?

Java is not a true object-oriented language.One of the requirements for such a title is that everything must be an object. Java contains non-object primitive values (such as int, float, boolean, etc.).

What is premain method in java?

A premain method is launch in java from jdk 1.5 for instrumentation. In a very simple world we can say that a premain method is used for get the size of the object resevered in heap area. It will return byte reserved by the object. This method is similar to the sizeOf() function of c/c++. In earlier version before 1.5 it was not possible to get the size of an object but after that you can get the bytes reserved by an object in heap with premain function.

What kind of language java is?

Java is a strict, object-oriented language.

What is parent class in java?

Object Class is the parent class of all classes in java.Every class in the Java system is a descendant (direct or indirect) of the Object class.

What is topleval class in java?

The top level class in Java is "Object." All other classes are subclasses of Object by default.

Why you are preferring java?

java is platform independent language and open source. java is object oriented language.

What does the acronym POJO stand for?

The acronym POJO stands for the term of Plain Old Java Object. In the programming and logic design language of Java frameworks, POJO means to designate an object as a Plain Old Java Object.

Is 'Java' a fully object-oriented programming language?

No. Java is not fully object-oriented: the basic types(int, float,boolean..etc) are not objects.

Major difference between c and java?

Java is object oriented, C is not...