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What is the size of a timber wolf?

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Timber wolf's can be 26-33 inches height, 6.5 feet length, and weigh up to 175 pounds.

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Q: What is the size of a timber wolf?
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How can you tell a male timber wolf from a female timber wolf?

A male timber wolf has a penis

How long are timber wolves?

Timber wolves' size depends on the gender of the wolf. The female wolf is generally larger, and MUCH more aggressive than the male.

Can a timber wolf kill a crocodile?

No. A crocodile has tough, powerful skin and a size advantage over the wolf.

How many timber wolf species are there?

There are 3 breeds of timber wolves there is the Alaskan Timber Wolf and the Canadian Timber Wolf and the Timber Wolf its self. if you want to know more about wolf just email me ok its

What is the difference between a timber wolf and a wolf?

A timber wolf is a certain breed of wolf. A wolf in general, is well, a wolf.

Are a timber wolf and gray wolf the same size?

A Timber wolf and a Gray wolf are the same species, just with a different names. Timber wolves refer to a specific region, and Gray wolves is a more general term for all northern wolves. So it really depends which gray wolf you're looking at.

Where can you buy a timber wolf?

it is illegal to own a timber wolf.

Is a timber wolf endangered?

n a timber wolf is not endangered

Is the timber wolf the tallest wolf in the world?

Yes, the Timber Wolf, also called the Grey Wolf, is the tallest wolf in the world.

What is the scientific name for a timber wolf?

Canis lupusIf you mean a timber wolf, it's Latin name is Canis Lupus LycaonA timber wolf is a subspecies of gray wolf.

What is the smartest wolf?

the smartest wolf is the Timber wolf.

What is the habitat of the timber wolf?

the timber wolf is a sub- name for the grey wolf. In the coniferous range, we call the Grey wolf the Timber wolf. Timber wolves need lots of space with little or no people, and a continual food supply, from as large as a moose to as small as a mouse.

By what name is the timber wolf also known?

The timber wolf is known as lobo wolf, gray wolf,or artic wolf. All the same animal.the timber wolf's scientific name is Canis Lupis AmericanusThe Battletech Timber Wolf (as it is named amongst the Inner Sphere) is referred to a Mad Cat amongst the invading clans.

What is the difference between a timber wolf and a black wolf?

a black wolf is really just a gray wolf with black fur. Still part of the Timber wolf.

What is the Latin name for timber wolf?

Timber wolf, subspecies of the Gray wolf, has a Latin name of Canis Lupus Lycaon.

How tall is a timber wolf?

A Timber Wolf is 23-33 inches tall including the Timber Wolves tail it is 6.5 ft.

What is the world's largest wolf?

timber wolf

What is the fastest wolf type?

timber wolf

When was Timber Wolf - comics - created?

Timber Wolf - comics - was created in 1964.

What is the average weight of a timber wolf?

The average weight of a male timber wolf is around 85 pounds. The average weight of a female timber wolf is around 70 pounds.

What are good names for a timber wolf Webkinz?


What continent is the Timber wolf found on?

The Timber Wolf (also called the Gray Wolf) is found in Asia, Europe and North America.

What is the largest timber wolf on record?

The largest timber wolf weighed up to 175 lb (79kg).

How tall is a full grown Timber Wolf?

how tall is a full grown timber wolf 500000,000000000 hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

What subspecies is the timber wolf Canis lupis?

The Eastern (timber) wolf is Canis lupus lycaon