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Sea of Galilee

What is the size of the Sea of Galilee?


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September 29, 2010 1:35AM

The Sea of Galilee is approximately 33 miles in circumference, about 13 miles long, and eight miles wide.


A large-scale map shows the Sea of Galilee (also known as Lake Tiberias) as being an irregularly shaped, fresh-water lake, approximately 12km at its widest, and roughly 21 km (~ 13 miles) north to south. In the third century, Porphyry described the Sea of Galilee: "Experts in the truth of these places report that there is no sea there, though they do refer to a small, river-fed lake at the foot of the mountains in Galilee near the city Tiberius, a lake easily traversed in small canoes in no more than two hours and insufficiently capacious for waves or storms."