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The Kiwi bird is about the size of a chicken, with coarse hair-like feathers. It stands about 45 cm (18 in) high. Depending on the species, it weighs between 1.3 kg and 4.5 kg (between 3 and 10 pounds).

Its egg is almost as big as that of the emu (150mm long and about the same diameter) and is one of the largest in proportion to its body size compared to other birds.

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Q: What is the size of the kiwi bird?
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What is the size of a kiwi bird?

The size of a kiwi bird depends on the species. The largest is the great spotted kiwi which is approximately eighteen inches tall.

How big would a kiwi bird be in centimeters?

Size of the largest kiwi bird is 56 centimeters

Who's bigger kiwi or kokako?

When it comes to the birds structure and size, the kiwi bird is bigger than the kokako bird. The kiwi bird is known to be native to New Zealand.

Which bird lays the largest eggs in proportion to its size kiwi kookaburra or a budgerigar?


Is a kiwi bird a mammal or bird?

The Kiwi is a bird.

Does the kiwi lay the largest egg?

No. The ostrich lays the largest egg. The kiwi lays the largest egg for a bird of its size. The egg is about six times the size of an egg from another bird of similar size.

What bird lays big eggs?

The largest bird is the ostrich, whose eggs weigh more than three pounds. However, in proportion to its size, the kiwi bird lays the biggest eggs for its body size. The kiwi is about the size of a chicken and its egg is almost as big as the egg of an emu, a much larger bird than the kiwi.

What is a kiwi a bird or mammal?

The Kiwi is a bird.

What bird lays the largest egg in relation to its own size?

The Kiwi.

Is the kiwi bird bigger than an ostrich?

No. Kiwi average about the same size as a chicken. Ostriches are much larger.

Can the kiwi bird fly?

No. The Kiwi is a flightless bird.

What size is a kiwi bird?

The kiwi varies in size according to the species. On average, they are around the size of a domestic chicken, with the smallest speies, the Little Spotted Kiwi, being a little larger than a bantam chicken.

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