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Beater, hooptie, & clunker.

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2012-11-02 12:49:39
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Q: What is the slang for a cheap motor car in America?
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What is the slang term for a cheap motor car in America?


What was a tin lizze?

A "Tin Lizzie," is a slang word for a cheap, old car. Originally, it was the nickname for the "Model T," car.

Which companies offer cheap car insurance for ladies?

There are several companies that offer cheap car insurance for ladies. Some of these include: Diamond UK, Girl Motor, Confused, and Aviva Car Insurance.

What is a slang word for jalopy?

"Dog" was slang for a troublesome car."Sled" or "Turd" is car salesmen slang for a junky car.

What is slang for knees Wheels are slang for feet?

Dogs is slang for feet.Wheels is slang for car.

What brand was the first car in America and in what year?

Ford Motor Company was the first car brand in America. It was founded in 1903. Oldsmobile was founded in 1897.

Is short a slang word for car?

Never heard "short" used as a slang word for car.

What is a slang word for car?

Ride, Wheels, Whip, Buggy- i retract my answer as these words themselves are not "slang", unlike what chevy derived from . also car is slang for carriage.

What is a bent car?

A bent car is a slang term for a stolen car.

What magazines are the best source to buy cheap cars?

To buy cheap cars, you can read magazines like Car and Driver Magazine, Motor Trend Magazine, Automobile Magazine, Road and Track Magazine, Car Craft Magazine, etc.

Buying Cheap Electric Motors?

If you want to save money on your car, then why not turn it into an electric car? One way to go ahead and do that is to purchase a new motor. There are some motors that are being sold out there that will transform your car into an electric car. You will save a lot of money on gasoline if you decide to go ahead and switch the motor in your car.

Where can one find cheap motor insurance in Ireland?

AA Ireland, Tesco Car Insurance, Aviva, 123, AXA Car Insurance, and Liberty Insurance all offer Irish customers great rates on insurance for their motor vehicles.

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