What is the smallest Hebrew letter?

Updated: 11/6/2022
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the smallest letter is called "yud" or "yod" and looks similar to an English apostrophe: י

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Q: What is the smallest Hebrew letter?
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What is a tittle?

A tittle is the smallest part of a Hebrew letter

What is the longest word in Hebrew?

The longest modern Hebrew word is וכשלאנציקלופדיותינו (u'chshelentsiklopedioténu), consisting of 19 consonants, which means "and when our encyclopedias...." [note: Hebrew uses prefixes for many prepositions and conjunctions]The Longest Biblical Hebrew word is וְהָאֲחַשְׁדַּרְפְּנִים (veha'aḥashdarpením), consisting of 11 consonants, and which means "and the satraps"

What does the letter K look like in Hebrew?

There is no "letter k" in the Hebrew alphabet. But there are 2 Hebrew letters that have the same sound as the English letter k: they are כ and ק.

What Hebrew letter is equivalent to the English G?

Gimel (×’) which is the 3rd letter of the Hebrew alphabet.

What are some Hebrew names that start with the Hebrew letter Ire?

"Ire" is not a Hebrew letter. You might mean either Yod (י) or Resh (ר)

What does the Hebrew letter tav mean?

The letter tav (ת), the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet, has a "t" sound.

What is the English name for the 22nd letter of the Hebrew alphabet?

The Hebrew name of the 22nd (and last) letter of the Hebrew alphabet is Tav (ת) but it doesn't have an English name, only a Hebrew name.

What Hebrew letter sounds like Y?

The closest equivalent to the English letter Y is the Hebrew letter ×™ (called "Yod").

What is the Letter a in the Hebrew alphabet?

There is no letter A in the Hebrew alphabet. In fact, the Hebrew alphabet doesn't have any vowels in it at all.To form vowels in Hebrew, marks are added to the letters. For example:A as in make = אֵיA as in Father = אָ אַ or אֲA as in cat = doesn't exist in Hebrew

What does jole mean in Hebrew?

The name Jolie is French in origin, meaning 'pretty', it is not a Hebrew name or word. Note: The Hebrew language does not have a letter equivalent to the letter 'J'.

Is ayin the Hebrew letter of e?

No. Ayin (ע) is the Yiddish letter for short e (pronounced ɛ or ĕ)However, none of the Hebrew letters correspond to vowels.The letter Ayin in Hebrew is a guttural sound pronounced like a gulp. In Modern Hebrew, Ayin is a silent letter.

Hebrew prophet letter moham?

There is no Hebrew prophet named Moham.