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Q: What is the smallest structures visible with the light microscope are the?
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What is the smallest particle visible under light microscope?

The smallest particle that can be seen with a light microscope is about 0. 2 microns. If an object is smaller than that, the light's wavelength cannot traverse it causing it to fall out of the visible spectrum.

Types of microorganisms can be seen in a light microscope?

Bacteria are the smallest of microorganisms that are visible under a light microscope. A light microscope can see things as small as 0.2 micrometres!

Why is specimen smaller than200mm not visible with a light microscope?

Because the smallest wavelength of visible light we can see is around 400 nm. Something 200 nm would need an electron microscope to be seen.

What microscope uses visible light?

The light microscope uses visible light. Light microscopes are what are usually used in science classrooms.

Is cytoplasm visible with a light microscope?

The cytoplasm is somewhat clear when looking through a light microscope. However you can see where the cytoplasm is. You can see cell walls and cell membranes through a light microscope, the spaces in between these lines is cytoplasm.

How does an electron microscope differs from a light microscope?

The light microscope use the visible light; the electron microscope use an electrons beam.

Can you observe the bacteria cell structures just by using light microscope Why?

Can we observe the bacteria cell structures by just using light microscope

State how an electron microscope differs from a light microscope?

An electron microscope bombards its target with electrons, while a traditional microscope uses visible light. Electrons can be resolved at considerably higher magnifications that visible light (due to their smaller wavelength).

Is flagella viewable through an electron microscop or a light microscope?

Eukaryotic flagella are visible through a light microscope. Bacterial flagella are only visible with a light microscope if they are specially stained with a mordant and a flagella stain.

What research microscope is used to see unstained living microbes and intracellular structures?

The microscope that is used to see internal structures of cells in a natural state is the compound light microscope. The microscope has a lens and light that allows it to see the internal structures of a cell clearly.

When can you see chromosomes under light microscope?

only at the time of cell division in the metaphase and in the anaphase the chromosome are visible. because at this time the chromatin get aggregate and form the thick chromosome which are visible under microscope.

What organelle in a cheek cell are not visible under a light microscope?

The organelles in a cheek cell that are not visible under a light microscope are the ribosomes. These organelles are responsible for protein synthesis.