What is the solar point?

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Solar PointI don't know. I know what the subsolar point is, it's the point in a orbit (of an object around a planet) where the sun is as close to overhead as it can get. Am I close?

if this is true then the solar point would most likely be noon on earth. or at scale (since he said a satelite to the sun) it could be when the center of the galaxy is closest to overhead earth of course that could be the galactic point. im not really sure either.

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Q: What is the solar point?
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Where is the current sub-solar point?

The sub-solar point is the point on the Earth where the sun the sun is directly overhead. Currently, the sub-solar point is Tamaulipas, Mexico.

What is an antapex?

An antapex is a point opposite a solar apex.

What is the center point of a solar cooker called?

focal point

What is the central part of your solar system?

The sun is the centrl point of the solar system.

What is the point of drawing a solar system?

the point of drawing a solar system is to show where the planets, moons, stars and stuff all come together

Does the sub-solar point always hit the equator?

The "sub-solar point" is the point on Earth where the Sun is straight up, at a 90 degree angle to the ground. This point moves around the Earth each day as the Earth rotates, and appears to move north and south over the course of the year. The sub-solar point is exactly on the equator at the moment of the two equinoxes. In March, the sub-solar point is moving north as it crosses the equator; in September, the sub-solar point is moving south across the equator. In June, the sub-solar point creeps up to the Tropic of Cancer and then heads south again. In December, the sub-solar point gets all the way south to the Tropic of Capricorn at the winter solstice.

What is the point of solar being in solar still?

A "solar still" is a device used for purifying water from damp waste or brackish water

Is the subsolar point on a planet the point that is closest to the sun?

No. The "sub-solar" point is that point on the Earth where the Sun is STRAIGHT UP from there.

What is the point directly under the sun at any point of time called?

It is the sub-solar point. It is the point where the Sun is directly overhead. The sub-solar point has a latitude equal to the Sun's declination at any moment, so all points on Earth between latitudes of ±23½ degrees can be the sub-solar point. If you want to know the direction to the sub-solar point at any instant from where you are, just point at the Sun and then move your arm vertically downwards so that it points horizontally. If you want to know the distance to the sub-solar point, measure the Sun's angle relative to overhead where you are. The distance (in nautical miles) is 60 times that angle in degrees.

In a model of the solar system what is the reference point?

planet 902347543jk5nh43o

Why does a comets tail point away from the sun?

solar winds

What are the process of operation of solar PowerPoint?

the point is solar energy is to save money and to reduce less technology things.

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