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a solution to an equation is the answer

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An equation that has no solution is called an equation that has no solution.

A solution is the answer to an equation.

In algebraic terms, the solution is the answer to equation.

If this value a satisfy the equation, then a is a solution for that equation. ( or we can say that for the value a the equation is true)

A solution to an equation is a set of values for the variables in the equation which make it true.

X4.3 is not likely to be the solution of a normal equation.

y = -2.5 is a equation. And solution to the equation is finding the value of the variable. If we see the equation y is already equal to -2.5 which is the solution to the equation.

Any number that makes an equation true is a 'solution of an equation'. it is a solution

The solution of the equation.

The solution is the answer to an equation.

A line is represented by an equation. Each solution of the equation is a point on the line, and each point on the line is a solution to the equation. So the line is just the graph of the solution set of the equation.

How is this different from determining if a value is a solution to an equation?

plug your solution back into the original equation and work it out again

It is the solution of the equation

identify the property and equation that satisfies the following statement: the solution of an equation is x=-2.

Substitute the number in the equation. If the resulting statement is true the number is a solution to the equation.

That's an extraneous solution. You need to check for these when algebraically solving equations, especially when you take both sides of an equation to a power.

Yes and sometimes it can have more than one solution.

A linear equation in two variables will not have a single solution. Its solution set is a line in the Cartesian plane. The solution to non-linear equations will depend on the equation.

A solution to an question makes the equation true. For example a solution to the equation 3x = x + 6 is x = 3, since 3(3) = 3+6.

On the list that accompanies the question, there is no equation with that solution.

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