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story of ruben hurrican carter song by bob Dylan


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The song Hurricane is about love and hate.

Scorpions "Rock You Like A Hurricane" Neil Young "Like a Hurricane" Marie Osmond "Like a Hurricane" (same title as the Neil Young song but a different song)

Artist: The Click Album:Game Related Song: Hurricane

Thats the song name Rock You Like a Hurricane! lol

Hurricane - song - was created on -19-10-07.

No, Bridget Mendler sings hurricane.

Hurricane - Puffy AmiYumi song - was created in 2002.

Hurricane - The Click song - was created on 1995-08-23.

Scorpions, Rock you like a hurricane. , theres also.... Hurricane by Bob Dylan I believe 30 seconds to mars also have a song by that title

The song Rock You Like a Hurricane was performed by the German band the Scorpions. This song was released in 1984.

That is the title, Rock You Like a Hurricane. It's by the Scorpions.

Hurricane Chris is a BLOOD. in his song Hand Clap, he does a blood call. SOOOWOOOOP

It's called Rock You Like A Hurricane by The Scorpions

The song Rock You Like a Hurricane was released in 1984 by the group The Scorpions. The song would go on to reach the number 25 position on the Billboard charts.

30 seconds to Mars- Hurricane

E-40 (North Bay Baby!) & the Click - Hurricane "Hurricane,but you can call me sluricane Sluricane,strong enough to start a engine mayne"

Rock you like a hurricane by Scorpions.

because iys a unique song and the person who wrote it loved it so BE HAPPY WITH IT OR U WILL DIE

The song is "A Bay Bay." For more information, see the Related Link.

Hurricane Katrina, and the song is called Georgia Bush. (:

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